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It fills me up with immense pride and pleasure that I have been given this opportunity of a write up for this special day as this time our CEO is damn busy with other commitments, not that he wasn’t busy at that time when he wrote the article for 100 days celebration but now he has a lot on his plate which I will be mentioning through the course of this article. I am sure you must have missed me on the Nimblechapps Blog but I am back with this special article nonetheless. The reason that I am writing this is also because you need to hear from different people other than our CEO, how they feel about the company, where is the company heading according to them, whether they are happy.

The Journey So Far

We have grown to a lethal team of 18 strong headed individuals and I had a chance of talking to each and every one on the Nimble Team and share their experience too. We are looking at a steady recruitment and a team size of around 25 people by the end of 2015, around 50 people by the end of 2016 and we are looking to score a century by the end of 2017. I am sure it’s a long way ahead, but he who doesn’t dream, doesn’t accomplish. Mind that, our recruitment procedure is tough nut to crack and if you make it to the Nimble Team then you have a special talent along with textbook knowledge. We will need a new space to accommodate the new recruits so we are looking for office space too, do let us know if you guys come across something.

 A current team of 18 is equivalent to a team of 35 elsewhere. Am I bragging? Hell yeah, it’s a matter of pride. If you happen to check out our Online presence, you will have a clear picture of the diversity of knowledge and skills I am talking about. We are Recruiting right now for Ahmedabad location, so if anyone is interested then drop in a mail at [email protected] and tell us why you would like to work with us. The number of Projects and Company Turnover has been doubled of what we had at the completion of 100 days, this is just a number and we have a habit of breaking records.

Oh My Boss!!

As we have been telling day-in, day-out we don’t have a bossy culture in our office and everyone is free to voice their opinions. You might wonder how. Well, it’s simple. You spot our CEO (Keval Padia) or MD (Rajiv Patil), shake them up and say, “Dude, I have an idea. How about we do this?”. This won’t go down well at your respective offices so I would rather say “Don’t try this at your office”, but this is the beauty of Nimblechapps. I am talking from personal experience and come on, you know I don’t lie. This is the kind of platform each and every individual is been given from the day they step into our setup.

We are collaborating with to start their SAP Fiori Development Centre in India and we have also started developing products for and which would be done and dusted by the end of this month. The CEO is having a good time as his birthday falls a day after Nimblechapps’ 200 days and a huge celebration is round the corner. (Keep it to yourselves guys, ever heard about surprises?)

Rajiv Patil is all set to handle SAP Operations along with his core competence iOS Development. Keval will be handling the Product Development Department and a lot of surprises will fall your way, just keep visiting our Social Media activities for updates. The product team is burning the midnight oil by working 80 hours a week to meet the product deadline which is by the end of the month. It’s good to have good people on board who can step up when the Company needs them and that is what makes this team really special.

A Promising Future

Our Website is getting awesome visits and our Blog is going to kill the competition in next few months. A good reader base is being accumulated over the months.  We are sticklers when it comes to our blog and we follow this daily habit of a blog every day. 7 PM is the Indian Standard Time, we publish a blog 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Looking at our popularity, we have started getting product review requests from Kickstarters, Indiegogo and prominent Bloggers. I am sure Keval is onto that and he is working hard on exploring that side of Business. We are having requests from Authors around the world who want to write for us and publish their articles on our Blog. This is exciting already.

Employees here, are a happy bunch of people with two appraisals a year and it is time for six month appraisal for most of the people of who joined from the beginning, they have double celebrations to look ahead to. At the beginning, many people were skeptical to join the team and backed out. Looking at the progress of the company, they are keen to join the Nimble Team now. As far as I know Keval, his mind has an apt answer to those people too.

A big surprise for our clients in Australia, we are starting our fully functional operations in Australia. We have a huge clientele in Australia, so I saw this coming. I am heading Australia permanently by the end of June, and from July we are all set to work with our clients directly from there. [I would miss everyone here, specially Nisarg. But duty calls.] Rarely, you see a company progressing so rapidly. Nimblechapps is not just another company, you will get to know about different activities and technologies we work on during the next few months from our Social Media activities. We invite budding developers, Marketing professionals, Business Development executives to our team. Come, breathe in a bit of Nimblechapps.