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The Best Products of International CES 2015

SlingTV Streaming service

Every year, the International CES brings a range of unique devices and this year was no different with technological innovations from wearables to home automation and personal products to self driving cars. With the current trends of wearables, we expected a long list of wearable and fitness trackers from major tech companies, home automation devices, 4k TVs which are already a hit amongst the couch potatoes of the west and companies like Mercedes and BMW fight it out for the numero uno spot in Automobile industry with their self driving cars. Our team of experts have picked few very promising and the best products of International CES 2015

Sling TV streaming service

There are many streaming devices fighting out to be the best among Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple and Roku TV. Sling TV streaming service comes as a surprise and it has well surpassed our imaginations of what a traditional streaming service should provide. Most of the above mentioned devices were available with a cable subscription but Sling TV service will be available without paying for a cable. They have an introductory offer providing a range of channels at just $20 per month. The best part of the deal is that they are providing ESPN which is the most important sports channel. The drawback is that it can be streamed to only one device at a particular time. The Sling TV will be launched early 2015, just before the baseball fever seeps in.

Garmin Fenix 3 Sports watch

Garmin Fenix 3 Sports watch

Though the Apple Watch was the most talked about product of CES 2015, there were many other wearables making their mark and among them Garmin’s Fenix 3 sports watch was at the top. Fenix 3 provides assistance for some of the toughest sports like Snowboarding, hiking and skiing which is really difficult to track. The durable watch can stay strong in really tough surroundings. The design of the watch is quite sleek and beautiful. The watch can be connected to your phone and syncs messages, calls and emails with ease. The Fenix 3 is available at an affordable price of $499 and it has three vibrant colours to offer. The one with sapphire glass is just $100 more than the normal watch.

Whirlpool Kitchen of the future


If we talk about Home automation and kitchen appliances, the list of products in this category was endless but the product that caught our attention the most was the Whirlpool Kitchen. You must have imagined the touch technology to be present everywhere after getting accustomed to it in the mobile devices and tablets. Whirlpool took that imagination further and transformed it into reality by creating kitchen countertops which acts like touchscreen of mobile devices.

You can put the the pan anywhere on the countertop, it will detect the pan and start heating the pan. It even integrates video conferencing if you need the help of your wife or mother when you are home alone. To add more, it will even provide you recipes based on the ingredients that you already have in the kitchen. There are even smart vessels which keep your food fresh, keep a track on what the food is and the weight of the food. If you have invited someone for lunch and forgotten, the smartphone calendar will get updated and you will be reminded to prepare food for that extra person.

If you know about even better products than these, don’t hesitate to mention that in the comments below.

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