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Apple WWDC 2016 – Strong Surprises in Store!

Apple WWDC 2016

Apple WWDC 2016 will be kicking off at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, California. The official dates are leaked online for the annual Worldwide Developers Conference through Siri, which revealed that the conference will take place from Monday, June 13 – June 17.

Thousands of developers are expected to witness the event from around the world and would get a chance to meet up with Apple engineers and participate in valuable workshops and sessions. This year, Apple is even promoting other developer community events on a simultaneous basis.

Events at a Glance and the Schedule

  • Bill Graham Civic Auditorium will host the first inaugural programme of the event. Entrants can collect their passes.
  • On Monday, there will be a programme on the future of iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS.
  • The technical information, one needs to build the latest generation of apps will be shared from June 14-17 at the Moscone West.
  • One can learn more about implementation of new technologies with guidance from Apple’s engineering staff.
  • One can even have a session with developers on app distribution, marketing, and analytics.
  • Industry experts and luminaries will share their ideas too.
  • Celebrate with friends and listen exceptional music at the concert.

What to Expect from Apple at the WWDC?

Apple will surely start with a kickoff keynote on the first day, where the company makes major announcements of its upcoming products and services. One can expect the unveiling of the latest versions of iOS and OS X, and the latest updates on iOS 10 and OS X 10.12.

Developers might get to see the newest versions of watchOS and tvOS, the operating systems that run on Apple Watch and the Apple TV.

Apple WWDC 2016 – “Game-Changing” Future

Apple WWDC 2016 is going under the tagline “game-changing” where they will focus on wearables, vehicle automation and Internet of Things. Apple never shows its hand completely before an event, though and the invitation hints at additional announcements around Tinder and Snapchat.

Apple is notoriously secretive about its future plans right up to the point where it is ready to release and is focusing specifically on iOS 10 and the devices that run it. Apple’s new development language has taken off and gained enthusiastic adoption despite its newness.

There may be some potential changes to Photos and Apple Music, as well with new 3D Touch support for previews, enhanced content search and better display for lyrics.

Apple can also extend Siri to manage and navigate Voicemail messages enabling developers to expand Siri’s ability to recognize and understand app-specific features and terms. Apple might also come out with iMessage as a platform for personal Apple Pay, allowing users to transfer money to others within a few taps.

The Event Popularity and Website Updates

Apple’s popularity has grown and the size of the conference has remained relatively the same due to space and staffing constraints. Tickets are priced at $1,599 and some 350 scholarships are provided to students and members who are aspiring developers with financial limitations. Many speeches and workshops will be streamed on Apple’s website, and you can even download the WWDC app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch for schedules and videos.

It’s difficult to predict what’s going to happen at this year’s WWDC as this company always has a surprise up its sleeve, and precise details are difficult to come by in the lead-up.