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A Funfilled One Year Of Nimblechapps… A Memorable Year Which Will Also Write Memories For THE FUTURE….

A Funfilled One Year of Nimblechapps

Today is a special day at Nimblechapps. In the past we have crossed many milestones but this day is special to us, because exactly one year ago we launched Nimblechapps with an aim to provide honest service to our clients and today we can say with satisfaction that we have been mostly successful in our endeavour that we set out.

Like most of the startups, our take off was not particularly smooth and we also faced a lot of turbulence mid air, but looking back I can say that all that was worth the efforts. You can read more about our inception in my blog [The rise and rise of Nimblechapps]. To say that we had a humble beginning would be an understatement, we started with just two employees Nisarg and Dhruvil, who are not just employees but a part of family called Nimblechapps and a major driving force  behind the success. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them in making the irrational choice of choosing uncertainty over somewhat known and sticking with me when any sane mind would have chosen the later. Since then our growth has been on an upward trajectory and it has been extremely satisfying to see the family of 4 during inception grow to a strong 18 member team that comprises of talented and somewhat quirky individuals. And just to point out that this being achieved without complying with the “Industry standard” of security bonds is no mean feat according to me.

As mentioned earlier the primary focus of Nimblechapps has always been on providing satisfactory services, making money comes secondary to us. Although operating in a space where the competition is getting fierce and the market is extremely price sensitive we have been achieving healthy growth QoQ. Just to put my point in perspective and for all those data mongers out there here are some stats I would like to share:

  1. No. of clients served – 35.
  2. No. of projects completed – 65.
  3. Level 20 Profile with 5 star reviews on freelancer.
  4. Sales grew more than three times compared to the 1st month.
  5. Revenue has quadrupled compared to the 1st month.

Apart from this impressive stats which are related to our core business, our Branding and Marketing team led by Darshan is doing wonders. In this connected and tech oriented world we cannot underestimate the opportunity that social media platforms provide, and the team has been instrumental in leveraging the power of social media to our benefits. In a short span of a year the team has managed to garner many likes and follows on various platforms. Apart from the social media presence there is one aspect that I would like to take pride in and in which I am personally involved is our company’s blog, since the inception we have been publishing at-least one blog a day and many of our blogs have been published in prominent guest blogging websites. This has opened new avenues of business for us and now we have started getting product review requests from Product developers and Bloggers. Few of the stats I would like to share related to marketing aspect of our organisation:

  1. More than 4K fans on Facebook.
  2. 1K Followers on Twitter and growing.
  3. 10K followers on Pinterest.
  4. 325 Blog Posts.
  5. 150 Guest Blogs.

All the statistics apart what is more satisfying to me is that we have managed to achieve this without drifting from our vision and keeping a healthy atmosphere for our staff who love the freedom and of course a little chaos of working with Nimblechapps and this would not have been possible with out the support and dedication of team which slogs often to ensure that our customers are always satisfied so A Big shout out to each individual of the clan.

As I look at the year gone by, I have plenty to be thankful for as it has been a fulfilled year. Most importantly I would like to thank our customers and team who showed confidence had it not been the case the story would have been different.

Here’s to many more years of success.