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Skyrocket Sky Viper Hover Racer Takes the Toy Drone Market to a Whole New Level

Skyrocket Sky Viper Hover Racer

Skyrocket, the leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of toys, bicycle accessories and sporting goods, has enjoyed immense success with its Sky Viper Drones that offer high performance at extremely affordable prices. In order to widen its customer base and offer improved features, Skyrocket has recently launched a new generation of action-packed robot drones. The 2016 version of the Sky Viper Hover Racer possesses features that have never been seen before in toy drones.

Skyrocket Sky Viper – The Powerful Toy Drone

  • Skyrocket Viper possesses exciting performance capabilities, stunning one-touch stunts, 6-axis digital stabilization, impact-resistant uni-body designs, and variable modes of flight sensitivity.
  • New 2016 features include auto launch, home turn and digital altitude control making Skyrocket Vipers easier to fly than ever.
  • The Skyrocket Sky Viper Pro Series is laden with awe-inspiring capabilities that include waypoint GPS features, video recording in 1080HD, video live streaming in 720HD directly to your wireless device and advanced on-board flight capabilities.

Hover Racer – Video Game Meets Drones

  • With Skyrocket Hover Racer video game, users can set up their smart beacons, put them into any configuration they want, create custom race courses and drone racing leagues.
  • The drones are infrared and laser tagged battling enabled, allowing users to shoot their opponents which causes physical reactions such as wobbling or spinning or moving off course.
  • The Skyrocket Hover Racer flies at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour at a height of up to 3 feet in the air.
  • By combining the Skyrocket Sky Viper with the advanced and interactive Hover Racer, users can get endless ways to play with numerous innovative features.
  • Users can enjoy customizable race courses with infrared beacons, opt for single or multiplayer racing, and have battles between multiple players.
  • Skyrocket Hover Racer games also possess unlockable features that enable pilots to compete with themselves to gain better weapons for future competitions.
  • The co-pilot mode enables two users to play together with just one Hover Racer; one player pilots the drone while the other plays games based around the UAV’s movements.
  • Through the co-pilot mode, users can connect two mobile devices to one Hover Racer, and unlock several performance and weapons upgrades.
  • As with any video game, users can upgrade. As users are racing around, they collect points for each race they complete. Users can then use those points to upgrade their racer, the weapons, its maneuverability, and speed.
  • Hover Racer provides a multi-player option. Up to 4 Hover Racers can be combined to fly together.
  • The Hover Racer comes with four infrared beacons that fit into in-app games to create a racing course.
  • For users who want to make an elaborate course for drones to survive and swerve around, up to 16 beacons can be used together at the same time.
  • Each drone’s remote control connects to an iOS or Android device for gaming modes, where several Hover Racers can fire at each other from the or behind.

Available at Extremely Affordable Prices

Skyrocket has made the world realize that toy drones do not have to be expensive in order to be fun and entertaining. The 2016 collection of the Sky Viper Drones includes the Nano, Micro, Stunt, Performance, HD Video, Streaming and the Pro Series. Each model offers some exciting features and capabilities that are sure to make the drone flying experience thrilling and awe-inspiring. The Skyrocket Viper Drones are priced at rates as low as $35 and go up to $250. The Skyrocket Hover Racer is priced at a modest $100. The entire collection is expected to be launched in fall 2016.