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PowerEgg Drone – Gesture-controlled Quadcopter that is Shaped Like an Egg!

PowerEgg Drone

Beijing-based PowerVision has made the first consumer drone that has its body shaped like an egg! Like other technologies, drones are being used in several fields and have taken many forms – from the pocket-sized multi-rotor drones to four-seater unmanned airplanes. But here is a quadcopter that is unlike anything else.

About PowerEgg Drone

This gesture-controlled quadcopter is shaped like an egg and has the power to take-off and land at the push of a button. It can fly high without any complicated commands, and can be controlled even with one hand.

The bottom tip of the Egg reveals a 4K UHD camera mounted on a stabilized 360-degree platform. The drone has a battery capacity of 6,400mAh too that means it can survive long enough on a single charge.

The PowerEgg Drone can fly both indoors and outdoors and we can track the distance onboard with the help of GPS. While flying, the Power Egg switches over to ground pattern recognition for assessing its orientation and keeping it stable in the air.

Beautiful Design

PowerEgg Drone showcases a unique design that is pretty portable and its body is comprised of high-density plastic. It weighs around 4.6 pounds and is roughly the size of a rugby ball.

The camera is situated at the bottom end and is capable of spinning in any direction. It has the capability to tilt with standard 3-axis stabilized aerial video cameras.

The auto landing gear of PowerEgg Drone emerge within three meters of the ground and comes equipped with a “parent override” control. Users can control the Drone by UAV with either a standard two-axis controller or with a Nintendo Wii-like gesture remote.

Packed with Tech

The PowerEgg Drone device relies on your iOS and Android mobile device for processing power.  There is a 2.4 GHz antenna that is inbuilt in the remote and can operate as a standalone station.  Thus the drone is controlled with remote control options even with the base station setup.

With a number of autonomous features, you can command it to travel between pre-selected waypoints, operating in Selfie Mode.

Unique Specifications

  • The PowerEgg Drone has the capacity to operate up to 13,123 feet above sea level.
  • The power of PowerEgg Drone is tremendous as it can fly for up to 23 minutes before the battery can be recharged.
  • The camera supports 4K UHD video capture at a bit rate of 60Mbps and aperture of f/2.8.
  • Photos taken from this Drone are captured at up to 13.8-megapixel resolution in JPG or Raw DNG format.
  • Videos can be captured with a panoramic 360-degree view.
  • There are a number of automated flight modes and even a Selfie mode, that autonomously manages its flight path.
  • As per the Powervision, PowerEgg Drone is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

About PowerEgg Maestro

This Beijing company has also created a remote control for its drone called the PowerEgg Maestro to make flying a drone a joy ride. Its main use is to help new users, to handle the drone with gesture controls.

The shape of the maestro is a bit like a modern TV remote, that features a few control buttons and a thumb pad to control flight. The maximum operating range of this remote is about 3.1 miles, which is reduced during extreme conditions.

Price & Availability

PowerEgg drone sells for $1288 and shipping is expected to happen in mid-October 2016. It is currently available on preorder from the PowerVision website.


The sleek and compactly designed portable drone will soon be available in the market making it simple for anyone to capture special moments on camera. Whether the PowerEgg is worth your money, we can’t guess it now but it’s certainly an intriguingly designed quadcopter with lots of features!