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Pitta: An Innovative Selfie Camera Drone for This Holiday Season


The craze for selfie will continue and it is no longer limited to the awesome front cameras of smartphones equipped with selfie shooting features. Now, a whole range of new and innovative products are coming. The latest to fuel the selfie craze in the upcoming festive occasion is the Pitta, the innovative selfie shooting drone camera. Now thanks to Pitta, you can capture a bird’s view of yourself or can capture your image from a wide variety of angles without really being concerned about the camera positions. The best thing is Pitta allows you to grab awesome selfies while you are engaged in some activities.

Pitta can be a great addition to your personal gadgets this holiday season. If your affection for selfies already gone a little dull and monotonous with nothing exceptionally new to grab from the evolving selfie features of smartphone cameras, this movable, dynamically designed and literally flying selfie machine can help you fulfilling your cravings for a selfie to the ultimate level.

It’s a Never-before Action Cam

If you are looking for a something really innovative during this holiday season, this hugely successful Kickstarter project can be the right choice. Pitta is basically a combination of action cam and camera drone. Yes, boasting of a nifty modular design Pitta can fly high above your head or can be mounted on your motorcycle to grab awesome snaps of you, whether in action or posing for the camera. It is designed as exceptionally handy for taking quick snaps and switching between different modes.

The Inspiration Behind Pitta

J.B. Hwang, co-founder of Eyedea, Inc which developed Pitta told that his frustration with so-called action cameras that needs a load of rigs and mounts inspired him to conceive a product like this. He was also searching for more diversity of camera movement and an exceptional ease of use for operating the camera. All these together made Pitta possible. It is true that all the earlier image capturing drones were not easy to control for grabbing your desired images. Moreover, there have not been any drone as of now that is designed specifically with modes to capture selfies. In a nutshell, to speak, Pitta is the first drone and action camera which addressed all these shortcomings to capture the selfies you always dreamed of.

It’s Small, Cute, Portable and Lightweight

There are too many personal recreational drones in the market but none quite matches the design feat of Pitta which seems exceptionally portable with a small size and lightweight design. It is modular designed, shaped like a ball weighing just 200g and measuring 170mm. You can use this versatile camera equally as a handheld, wearable, and mountable camera.

How does Pitta work?

Pitta makes a rare and beautiful combination of regular handheld camera, drone, and modular action cam. It comes with detachable flying wings that can be attached to a quick magnetic snap and you can lock the whole system just with a twist. You can switch between ground and aerial modes for capturing snaps seamlessly and almost effortlessly. For the first time drone pilots there is also single click flying mechanism and depending upon your skill levels you can also use manual flight interface to twist the route of the drone to your specific wishes. The drone comes also with a home security mode that allows capturing the images of your house throughout the day and streaming them live on your phone.

Flying and Imaging Capacity

As for the flying capacity of this selfie drone, you can make it fly for 15 minutes continuously while you can use the same as an action camera for 100 minutes at a stretch. This camera drone is capable to capture crisp images and high-quality 4K video at 30 fps. It so comes with an internal eMMc memory to store all your captured images and videos within the device itself. You can connect the drone easily with smartphones via WiFi and Bluetooth and access the images and videos.

Pricing and Availability

Pitta 4K drone is now available on the Kickstarter for people who are ready to back the project nearing its successful completion. For early backers of the project, the drone camera is now available against a starting price of $268. The early buyers can expect shipping of the product to start from April 2018. The product package includes the drone body and ball-shaped action camera, adapter, charging cable and propeller guard.

Final Verdict

It is undoubtedly the most innovative action and drone camera choice you can think of right now. Whether you are selfie crazed or need a versatile home security system or an action camera with exceptional ease of use in all situations, Pitta seems to be the made-for-each-other choice.