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Parrot Disco Drone FPV: The New Immersive Experience on Offer

Parrot Disco FPV

The fun of flying a drone is something everyone cherishes for. But what’s about flying an airplane drone with immersive cockpit visuals to enjoy in a VR headset. Well, that is what ensured by Parrot’s Disco FPV drone. It allows soaring the skies with a drone-style remote-controlled airplane. It looks way ahead of most other drones in the consumer category.

What is it?

Disco is truly the first-of-its-kind, two winged, single propeller, a ready-to-fly drone that can be handled by consumers with different levels of flying skills. Disco is actually designed to be a drone that anyone can start flying and enjoy.

Super Handy Lightweight Design

The Parrot Disco remote-controlled drone looks rather like a plane than a helicopter as is the case with most such drones in the market. It uses single propeller instead of multiple propellers to stay afloat in the air. Thanks to the carbon and plastic made body it is extremely lightweight with just 1.65 pounds. The wings are removable allowing easy handling and storing them while not in use.

How does it work?

After tossing it in the air, the drone will automatically elevate to a height preset earlier. When in the air it will continue circling your location until you stop it doing that with controls. So after tossing it up while you are busy to pick up the controller, you don’t need to worry about its movement.

If you want your Disco to keep consistent direction in the air and altitude it can do that for hours on end until you direct it further. The controlling movements mostly involve making turns. There is also default autopilot mode to take help. When flying in the air it can capture 1080p video, and crystal clear 14mp stills as well.

Awesome Battery Life

Parrot Disco FPV offers a robust battery life that can last for up to 45 minutes of flight time. It is much longer than most standard drones in the market now. Moreover, the battery is removable allowing you to change it when needed.

Features & Specs of Parrot Disco FPV

Parrot Disco FPV is a feature packed drone with most attributes to ensure ease of use and superb flying control. Let us have a quick look at the key features and specs offered by this drone.

  • The drone comes with a system of advanced sensors inside including accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, GPS/GLONASS and a pilot tube to track airspeed. This sensor system named as CHUCK (Control Hub and Universal Computer Kit) boosts the newbie pilots.
  • The Disco FPV comes with a front-facing 1080p camera for video and still image capturing.  There is an inbuilt 32GB storage capable of storing roughly four hours of video.
  • The camera has also streaming capability allowing video streaming in an Apple or Android device.
  • Parrot’s Cockpit Glasses headset which comes packed with it also allows streaming video watch like in a VR headset.
  • The Skycontroller is wireless and looks much like an Xbox controller. It has two heavy-duty thumb-sticks to take control of your drone.
  • The Skycontroller control the drone in a radius of up to 2 kilometers. This range is much longer than most other advanced consumer drones in the market.
  • The drone remains connected to the Skycontroller through its own WiFi network.
  • For landing the drone you have a dedicated Return Home button to make it return to the same spot of launching it.
  • There is also a FreeFlightPro app to determine and set flight plan on your handled device.

Price & Availability

Parrot Disco FPV has been priced a little ambitiously at $1,200 and is supposed to be released in September this year.

Bottom Line

To give a clear verdict it is the first of its kind drones with such exceptional single-propeller planes like the lightweight design, unparalleled flying time, robust battery life and easy guiding attributes that make it ideal for even the novices. But when the autopilot mode is off, an experienced fixed-wing pilot also can enjoy the flight incredibly with total control through the Skycontroller. The bigger size of Disco requires a lot more space on the air and for narrow air space between walls, it may not be the ideal flying machine.