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Explore Life Under-Water with OpenROV Trident Robot

OpenROV Trident Robot

Technology has opened new doors for people to enjoy and discover the impossible. With every device crafted to offer a delightful user experience, robots are helping people enjoy a new world altogether. OpenROV Trident is one of them.OpenROV Trident is one such underwater robot that helps people explore life underwater. The easy to use and maneuver device is making underwater exploration available to everyone. The makers of OpenROV Trident have been developing underwater robots since 4 years, but the OpenROV takes things a notch higher. With OpenROV Trident, the makers want people to explore new worlds in new ways and enjoy discovering life underwater which has never been easily accessible.

Powerful Design

The OpenROV Trident incorporates a unique design that combines the versatility and control of a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and the efficiency of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). The design makes it possible for the OpenROV Trident to fly in long, straight lines as well as perform subtle maneuvers in tight spaces, while simultaneously maintaining a sleek and powerful form factor.

Extremely Durable

Getting underwater images has never been easy. As radio waves do not travel under water, developing a device that can capture underwater images and transmit them to a device above the surface is challenging. OpenROV Trident is built for extreme durability:

  • Frame: The side panels of OpenROV Trident are molded with a strong, rubber coating that give it protection from underwater obstacles.
  • Tether: OpenROV Trident uses a light-weight, neutrally buoyant tether that communicates video feed and telemetry from the ROV up to the surface at a rate of 100mb/sec.
  • HD Camera: The on-board camera sends live video to the Wi-Fi buoy above the surface. Users can control OpenROV Trident from any Wi-Fi connected device – tablet, laptop or even a Google Cardboard.
  • Lights: The embedded LED lights illuminate areas under-water that are too deep for sunlight to reach and also help capture images during night dives.
  • Thrusters: It has a unique 3-thruster design specially built for working in salt-water that allows for high speed and precision control in tight quarters.

Extremely Maneuverable

OpenROV Trident is extremely maneuverable and flies like an airplane. While most underwater robots only move up, down, left or right, OpenROV Trident can bank, dive or even speed along. Depending on the need, it can be controlled to fly fast or if the user wants to closely explore something, it can be slowed down so the user gets a better view.

Excellent Capacity

OpenROV Trident goes to places that no ROV has been before. Using hydro-dynamic properties, It helps users explore places they’ve never seen previously. OpenROV Trident offers a 2 hours battery life and is capable of reaching up to 100 m under seawater. It is ultra-portable too. Users can carry it as a carry-on luggage to each and every exploration.

OpenROV Trident on Kickstarter

The OvenROV Trident project is currently up on Kickstarter. Approximately 1300 people have pledged close to $815,000 to help bring the project to life. The product is currently available for pre-order for $1,199 and will start to ship by November 2016.

Built for the Curious

While it can extensively be used by fishermen, researchers and recreational photographers, it is built for any and every individual who is curious about what’s below the surface. Life underwater has always been exciting, and with a product like the OpenROV Trident, people can now create 3D visualizations of the ocean floor. Using photogrammetry and structure for motion, the makers of OpenROV Trident hope that people can create maps of the underwater world for study and research purposes.