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Micro Drone 3.0 – Presenting the New Edition of Quadcopters with HD Camera!

Micro Drone 3.0

Small, palm-sized quadcopters have a niche interest in a cramped drone market since they are very portable, and also inexpensive. These pint-sized robots had some sore points but with the launch of the new Micro Drone 3.0, Extreme Fliers, the innovative UK company has found a new way to feature high-end drones in smaller packages. It features HD video options that can be stabilized by a tiny gimbal. It is also compatible with Google cardboard VR and can be used for first-person view flying.

Micro Drone – The Copter you will Love!

The drone is 50 mm in height and 145 mm in diameter and includes 3D printing options for creating custom frames. One can even immerse themselves in the flying experience while the drone is sturdy enough to handle rough winds too.

Extreme Fliers had launched the preceding Micro Drone 2.0 as a beginner quadcopter producing a 640p resolution. Micro Drone 3.0 was launched in Indiegogo with video resolution of 720×1280 with a frame per second speed of 30 frames stabilized by presumably the world’s smallest gimbal. With steadying shots of minuscule robotic arms, this is one gadget which makes a clear impression.

The Footage and Handling

The available sample footage is decent enough and perfect for varied lighting conditions as different algorithms help the drone to handle rough winds.

The Micro Drone 3.0 can be handled through smartphone devices with the help of its companion app. One can stream video to the screen although it is first and foremost a first-person view flying phenomenon that can work efficiently with Google Cardboard VR. Users can get a fantastic headset to better immerse themselves too. Availing the 3D printing option for building custom frames through CAD files, the company promises to create one’s own designs too.

The Flight!

The flight time for the Micro Drone 3.0 is eight minutes in a single charge. The video can be stored on any micro SD card. Additionally, the flight is well controlled through the gimbal, making it a fantastic drone to invest in.

The fist-sized drone is impressive in its flight and its design helps its flight for no extra cash compared to the $130 GoPro. One can control the UAV through a remote control and users would love the autoleveling function that would aid beginners to guide the drone smoothly. Most drones crash easily but this is one exception.

Additionally, the UAV includes a stunt mode that guides the entire copter to fly in a inverted position, since the rotors automatically rotate whenever the craft flips—and zoom around quickly at the rate of 50 mph.

Assemblage and Fixing

The Micro Drone is quite easy to assemble and fix since the Micro Drone’s parts are removable, like Legos. One can swap bent rotors or add bigger rotors whenever you want to make a bigger flight. It also includes a plug-and-play option for adding bigger motors, which also means heavier load capacity.

The spares will cost just $15, according to the maker Extreme Fliers along with a radio range of a modest 300 feet. Although the still-image resolution is a bit weak, it is good enough for Instagram use. The makers have plans to boost the camera resolution in the near future for the drone.


The proof of the effectiveness of this drone is in its flying, since this easily assembled copter is quite good as per analysts. This gadget is sure to wake up competitors like Parrot and GoPro for getting their flying toys niftier and classier at lower prices.