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GRIFF 300 – GRIFF Aviation’s Game Changing Drone

GRIFF 300 Drone

Drones are something that took a step up in 2016 with some fascinating ones in terms of capabilities and performance hitting the market. But 2017 looks set to be a bumper year for the drone fanatics if the exceptional looking Griff 300 Drone is anything to go by.

Inspired by Fantasy and Myth

Norwegian-based Griff Aviation recently announced an aircraft that sits somewhere between the two. The Norwegian company’s Griff 300 weighs 75 kg (165 lb) on its own, and can reportedly lift a payload of up to 225 kg (496 lb). The Griffin is the fantastical creature of ancient myth. Griffin is a legendary beast with the combined strengths of an eagle and a lion. It has been a symbol of vigilance and protection, since ancient times.

Changing the Drone Market

The drone made up of Norwegian technology and by drone specialists, Griff Aviation is an incredible piece of airborne technology. It is likely to be where the drone market is heading over the next 12 months and beyond. The Griff 300 drone is incredibly robust in design but also boasting a super cool aesthetic that belies its haulage mindset. The Griff 300 Drone is really going to revolutionize the drone market by making it possible to carry bizarre amounts of weight in very short amounts of time.

GRIFF 300 with Nordic Design

Griff 300 drone is industrial in design but graceful in appearance and performance. The Griff 300 Drone really is the best of both worlds and will showcase both incredible strength and grace while flying. It has eight propellers providing the uplift required to carry such hefty payloads, the Griff 300 might not be the quietest of drones but it is definitely amongst the strongest and crafty looking.

Fully Customizable Systems and Payloads

The GRIFF 300 is unique in the UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) market. It combines unique aviation authority certification, unrivaled lifting capacity which is ten times that of other systems on the market, and a long flight time. GRIFF Aviation also offers specialist payloads for wind-turbine maintenance, as well as heavy-load cargo missions. All of GRIFF Aviation’s systems and payloads are fully customizable.

Approved by Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority

GRIFF Aviation uses UAS technology. It is the first to be flight approved by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority.Uniquely. All the systems are fully compliant with the latest European UAS build-safety regulations as stated by the European Aviation Safety Agency. Working to the highest possible standards, GRIFF Aviation is also seeking Civil Aviation Authority approval for its personnel.

Certified by Authorities in Europe and USA

Griff 300’s fully customizable payload options make it perfect for a host of professional applications, right from Law Enforcement to Search And Rescue operations. Griff 300 is the first drone on sale to the civilian market that has been certified by both the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), which are the top aircraft certification authorities in Europe and the USA.

Three Models

The GRIFF Aviation is offering three models- 125, 300 and 800. Each number designation on the models refers to the weight, in kilograms, that each drone can carry. Griff 300 is impressive to look at and extremely high performing. It has all the makings of a classic and with both top of the range components and a highly durable and robust design. Griff 300  drone is massively fit for the purpose of delivering heavy goods rapidly and effectively. It will be hitting shelves later this year.