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GoPro Karma Foldable Drone – Dream Come True Aerial Photography Made Easy

GoPro Karma

The launch of Karma drone after much wait finally has finally been unearthed by GoPro. Yes, it has been much talked about for almost a year and since last December when GoPro announced its plan to add a drone to the lineup of products. Karma is more flexible and power packed than any drone launched so far for capturing images and photography. It is designed excellently to fit in a sleek backpack to delight adventurers and travelers.

What is GoPro Karma?

GoPro Karma is a foldable drone that can take superb aerial images allowing easy control through a joystick enabled controller.

Foldable Design

GoPro Karma is basically a ready-to-go drone that is designed compact enough to fit right in a backpack. The sleek backpack designed by the company can easily contain the drone, the camera, controller and all other accessories in perfect order.

The propellers can be folded to allow the drone to pack inside the specially designed backpack. The drone is extremely lightweight weighing just 2.2 pounds and the backpack consisting of battery, controller, stabilizing gimbal, and accessories only weighs around 4 pounds. Naturally, it is great to accompany travelers across different terrains and environments.

Features and Accessories you get

GoPro Karma is one of a kind foldable drone that offers extreme ease of use in capturing vivid high definition images from an aerial height. Actually, the drone has been developed and designed keeping the ease of use in mind. Let us have a look at the what you get when buying this drone and the key features.

  • The drone comes with a backpack that perfectly fits the fold-up drone along with the controller with a built-in screen), a handheld grip, a battery, and charger.
  • By swapping the 3-axis gimbal between the drone and the handheld grip you can capture stabilized still shots from the drone. Besides, the handheld grip can be mounted to your body and vehicles to allow capturing images from different angles and perspectives.
  • The handheld grip comes with a built-in battery that can run for two hours at a stretch.
  • Inside the drone got brushless motors and the propellers are self-tightening.
  • With a single charge, the drone can fly for up to 20 minutes and takes about an hour to recharge.

Camera & Controller

GoPro Karma

What are the GoPro cameras that are compatible with this drone? Well, several latest GoPro cameras are compatible with it including the new Hero 5, Hero 5 Session and Hero 4. All these cameras fit in the gimbal mounts included inside the backpack.

As for controlling the in-flight Karma it equally intuitive and fun filled to use the videogame-style controller that allows precise control with two joysticks. It offers a bright, 900-nit five-inch color touchscreen display with 720p resolution. Thanks to the bright display you do not need to depend on a tablet or phone display as is often the case with most other drones.

Using the manual controls can be real fun if you enjoy only flying around, but for capturing video, it is better to use the Auto Shot Paths feature. Thanks to these preset features you can easily capture smooth, professional-quality images and videos. The orbit mode allows capturing shots around you in a circular way while straight mode allows capturing between two points in a straight line. The reveal mode takes the drone ahead of the user by tilting the camera it can capture a selfie.

Price & Availability

GoPro Karma will go for sale in US and Europe market from 23rd October.  You have the options open for buying Karma drone with or without a GoPro camera at varying prices. If you are already an owner of Hero 4 you can just pay $799.99 while being bundled with Hero 5 Black it will cost $1099.99 and the same with Hero 5 Session will cost $999.99. The prices for UK market has not been announced yet. You can buy also Karma Grip separately and this will be available from 23rd October.


To give an honest verdict, the drone is literally an innovative one, especially in its game-like control mechanism and foldable design. Most GoPro users will feel delighted except those do not have a compatible camera. Yes, compatibility can only be spotted as an issue.