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FotoKite Phi – A Leashed Drone to Take Stunning Ariel Videos with your GoPro

FotoKite Phi - A Leashed Drone

GoPro, the American manufacturer of action cameras, has captured the extreme-action videography market with its high resolution, extremely sturdy cameras. Finding usage in various action sports like biking, mountain climbing, skiing and rafting, GoPro enables people to capture their craziest adventures in the most effective manner.

Introducing FotoKite

While GoPro cameras enable users to take the most daring stunt videos, imagine if you could connect your GoPro camera to a drone that takes aerial pictures of your adventures? Well the latest accessory for the GoPro camera is FotoKite, a lightweight drone that is compatible with GoPro cameras and allows users to take aerial shots of their escapades. Manufactured by Perspective Robotics AG, A Zurich based company that creates cutting-edge technology tools, FotoKite is a friendly, foldable quadcopter with a leash ideal for any action sports enthusiast.

Light-Weight and Compact

  • FotoKite is a fold-up, light weight and compact drone with a beautiful design that makes capturing videos from above an easy task.
  • Weighing just 12 ounces, FotoKite is extremely portable and easy to carry for any adventure.
  • The foldable wings can be brought together and be packed in a cylindrical box, that can easily fit in any bag pack.

Guaranteed Safety

  • The quadcopter is attached to a retractable leash, a thin flexible cable that extends up to about 30 feet..
  • The leash ensures safety of the FotoKite ensuring you don’t lose the drone or crash it onto the ground and lets you have the required control over the operation.
  • The leash also provides the necessary stability for capturing videos from mid-air.

Long Battery Life

  • The built-in GoPro mount is compatible with GroPro cameras, namely Hero 3, Hero 3+, and Hero 4.
  • GoPro cameras can draw power directly from the Fotokite’s battery.
  • Flight time on the Fotokite is around 15 minutes.
  • The drone recharges over the new USB-C spec for quick rejuvenation.
  • The battery level is indicated on the front of the drone, and the drone also vibrates when the battery level gets too low.

Easy to Operate

  • In order to operate the FotoKite, users just have to give it a twist, point it in the direction they want it to travel and let out the leash.
  • The leash has two buttons on it, that lets users communicate with the drone through Bluetooth technology.
  • These buttons can be used to adjust Fotokite’s altitude or move its horizontal position.
  • Users can also intuitively make alterations by manual adjustments on the leash.


Priced at a modest cost of $350, GoPro was launched in August 2015 and is currently available on the international crowd funding website, Indiegogo for $299. Through the crowd funding, FotoKite also aspires to include a GoPro trigger button on the leash handle that will enable users to remotely trigger the camera while the FotoKite is in air.

Our Verdict

Fotokite is the lightest and most compact way to get a GoPro camera in air in order to capture the most amazing adventure videos. Functioning as a self-propelled kite, FotoKite is a handy and portable solution for capturing GoPro videos from air. Requiring only a few minutes of training, FotoKite is easy to use and can be flown by anyone and everyone. Get your hands on this fun GoPro accessory and take it along on your next adventure!