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Dobby – An Intelligent Drone that Fits in your Pocket

Dobby Drone

Zerotech just recently launched its new drone called “Dobby” that fits in your pocket easily. With 9 years of professional experience in developing drones, Zerotech has been a world leader in professional drones. Dobby is a small, pocket-sized, voice-enabled drone. It combines professionally developed flight control, electronic image stabilization, computer vision, image transmission into the Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Dobby is specially made for people with little to no aerial photography experience. It includes a sophisticated set of flying capabilities. It can track or hover a subject without any help and can also be used manually with gesture controls. At just 199g, it is a very lightweight drone. The ability to follow you anywhere and perform flips is an interesting thing about this pocket-size drone. You can click single-shot photos, burst shots, and timed photos with Dobby.

Drone with Compact Design

Dobby Drone

The Dobby is a small selfie drone that easily fits in your pocket. The pet-like design makes it fun to use. It has a single button on the top, for take-off or landing. There is also this new pet style operation mode that lets you initiate take off in three ways: voice control, putting Dobby, and the throw-and-fly method.

The device is so compact that it can easily take off from and land in the palm of your hand. The foldable wings, propellers, and body are well constructed and sturdy. The four wings on the sides fold into the body of the device, and you are left with a small pocket-sized drone.

Awesome Features

  • Processor: It runs on a 2.3GHz Quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM. It boosts the capabilities such as facial recognition and gesture-based controls.
  • Camera: Dobby’s 13-megapixel camera captures well still photos, but the video is limited to 1080p. It features 3-axis electronic image stabilization. Pictures can be captured as single shots, continuous bursts, or on time delays.
  • Battery: It comes with a 970 mAh removable battery with 9-minute flight time. The battery can be charged over USB. It takes over an hour to fully charge the battery.
  • Storage: Dobby features 16GB of internal storage capacity for you to store all the amazing pictures and videos you capture with it.
  • Foldable: Dobby has a very delicate and foldable design that can be put in your pocket.
  • Facial Recognition: The facial recognition feature on Dobby scans and remembers the face quickly and locks on to the target.
  • Follow Snap 2.0: The Follow Snap 2.0 technology can follow and film moving people or objects.

Dobby on your Phone

Dobby has a companion app for iPhone and Android users which is called Do.Fun. You can synchronize your photos and then simply share them with one click. You can also use your smartphone to see your photos in real time. The photos are stored in your phone’s photo album. The app shows the live video feed of the Dobby camera. The app also displays charge left, GPS satellite connection status and also the altitude.

Color, Price, and Availability

The Dobby was released in the month of September and is currently available in United States, Canada, and Europe. The standard version of Dobby is priced at $400, while the advanced model is available for $470. There has not been much information about the difference between the models. It comes in just one color: White.

The Bottom Line

This little device by the Chinese manufacturer Zerotech is a pretty amazing device that packs HD standard 4K-resolution photos, and 1080p resolution with the help of the 13MP camera inside. Also, the build quality and stability are pretty good.