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DJI Launches The M600 Drone Hexacopter in Grand Style

DJI M600 Drone

Aimed at hitting the Hollywood’s aerial cinematography and the digital world, DJI has come up with a surprisingly new Drone, The Matrice 600, powered by six DJI intelligent batteries. Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are controlled by people remotely to reach areas humans cannot. More importantly, a drone can stay aloft for many hours which is why they are in high demand.

The flight of these drones may be controlled in various ways: either by a remote control from an operator, located on the ground or in another vehicle, or entirely autonomously, by onboard computers.

Powerful Drone for Film Makers

DJI’s M600 Drone has been specifically designed for film makers. Apart from a list of high tech enhancements and abilities onboard, the new DJI drone is the drone you want to lift your heavy cinema camera in the air while shooting complex cinematography. This drone was launched a week back receiving a huge amount of appreciation for its modular design that makes M600 easy to set up and ready to use just in minutes.

Key Features of M600 Drone

  1. With a laundry list of cutting edge capabilities, M600 features the company’s best A3 flight controller technology, Lightbridge 2 transmission system.
  2. Users can now broadcast videos and get High Definition live-stream. The Smart flight safety feature in M600 enables it to self-adjust flight parameters automatically based on the payloads.
  3. It uses sine-wave and ESCs to fly accurately and A3 to adjust its flight system.
  4. The customized battery management system allows all six batteries to be turned on with a single button press.
  5. It ensures the device does not get affected during a flight when any battery failure occurs, thus allowing users to check the battery status in real-time during flight.
  6. The IMUs allow the Drone to locate its position and repeat a flight path with a high degree of accuracy – helpful for directors looking to shoot several identical takes.
  7. DJI M600 is dust-proof and supports multiple gimbals, including Ronin-MX. The six-rotor Drone can carry a payload of about 6 kilograms, which makes it suitable for heavy-lifting of high-tech cameras.
  8. DJI M600 also comes with an extended flight time and 5 km range. It provides accurate HD transmission with image composition and ultra-low latency.

Furthermore, the Smart flight safety feature in M600 allows it to auto-adjust flight parameters automatically according to payloads. It uses sine-wave and ESCs to fly accurately and A3 to adjust flight system. Boasting its dust-proof propulsion systems and actively cooled motors, DJI has successfully dwarfed all other high-quality drones in market while also allowing the rig to maintain peak performance during longer shoots. The camera can turn 360 degrees completely to produce dynamic visuals auto-adjusting its flight depending on what it carries.

Pricing and Availability

The DJI Matrice 600, available at the company’s website, costs $4599 and the Ronin-MX is another $1599. When paired with the Ronin-MX three-axis gimbal, the two communicate, providing with positioning information to better compensate and stabilize the camera and maintain the horizon. It is expected to be available next month. Additionally, if you buy these two new products together you can get them for $5,999. The company also announced recently that it’s bringing these more expensive, professional grade cameras to its handheld stabilizer, the Osmo.

The Bottom Line

The M600 Drone is not an inexpensive solution, by any means, but certainly not out of the realm of possibility for independent production companies that are willing to add a solid aerial filming platform to their workflow.

This upgraded spreading wings Drone is receiving a lot of media attention. The weight of it may be a problem in some countries due to rules and regulations. On the whole, DJI just moved a whole heap further ahead of the chasing pack.