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Amazon Delivery Drone Gets The Much Awaited Approval of FAA

Amazon Delivery Drone

I don’t suspect a time when drones would be common and they would be used by variety of businesses like Food business, Healthcare, E-commerce and many more. The major technology giants of the world are testing their luck on Drones like Facebook, Google, Apple and now Amazon has joined the party. Amazon applied to test the delivery drones but it was approved only recently by the Federation Aviation Administration so now they have got a free license to test their delivery service with drone and try and come up with a new service in the near future.

Amazon Delivery Drone Service

Amazon had been eyeing at the Drone services since a long time but somehow it was not getting the much awaited approval of the FAA, but now they seem to be on cloud nine after getting an approval from the FAA. Last month too, Amazon was passed by the FAA for a similar certificate but it would have taken six months to pass and by that time the drone for testing would become obsolete. Amazon was among  the 30 companies to test their drone deliveries and total number of companies is now set to 128.

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon is excited about Prime Air- their future delivery system designed to deliver a customer’s shopping packages in upto 30 minutes and it would be handled by drones and not done by humans. If sources are to be believed, It might take some time to actually start delivery with Prime Air, but Amazon will soon test their future with drones and will make necessary changes to the service, if need be. This more or less sounding like science fiction phenomenon is actually true and there will be a time when drones would be as common as trucks delivering your products safely to your destination.

Safety is the top most priority of Amazon, and the company will ensure that by building companies with multiple redundancies. At the moment, they are testing different vehicle components, designs and configurations to make sure they provide efficient services like they have mentioned.

Is it Feasible?

Amazon Vice President said “We’re pleased the FAA has granted our petition for this stage of R&D experimentation, and we look forward to working with the agency for permission to deliver Prime Air service to customers in the United States safely and soon,”. For this research, Amazon will fly upto 400 feet high at about 100 miles per hour over several private properties and within sight of the pilot who will handle the drone with a remote control/ device. These flights are supposed to be at least 500 feet away from citizens.

The main part is that if the drone loses internet connection or there is a problem with the GPS, then the drone will return back to where it started or some predetermined place. I do not know whether it will be feasible or not, but Amazon along with other companies is hell bent on using delivery drones so I guess we will see drones delivering your favourite pizza soon. You can know more about the Amazon Prime Air and let us know what you think about this service.