Purpose of your contact?

Basic details
My name is my email is
my contact number is +91
& the prefered time to contact me would be .
I currently live at
and my current city is
Education details
I have completed in in from University with .
I have completed my 12th in From with Percentage.
My schooling was in medium and my graduation was in medium.
If shortlisted, I would like to come for an interview on

Thank you! We'll be in touch.

  1. Okay sure
    No I don't have time right now
  2. Mobile App
    Mobile App & Website both
  3. Yep
    Not necessarily
    May be I am not sure
  4. Apple's iOS & Google's Android both
    Just Apple's iOS for now
    Just Google's Android for now
  5. Yep
    I don't know about these stuffs much
  6. Yep
  7. Yep I would like to go with
    Nope, I would rather like for you to suggest the best for my project
  8. Yep I would like to go with
    Again, suggest me what's best for my project
  9. Okay sure
    Nope Not now
  10. Nope. I am not sure yet
  11. Yep I would like to get this completed in/by
    Nope I would rather like for you to suggest it to me
  12. Nope I am not sure. Why don't you suggest me

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