Virtual Reality

Lenovo Mirage Solo – The Future of VR Has Arrived

Lenovo Mirage Solo

Lenovo’s Mirage Solo is the world’s first standalone Daydream VR headset. Now you can experience virtual reality without a separate PC or smartphone, thanks to Lenovo’s Mirage Solo. Continue reading

Oculus Go: The VR Headgear That You Can Actually Buy

Oculus Go

Virtual reality may not be all hype, but it is still not mainstream in the way many other technologies are. In spite of being one of the promising technologies with immense possibilities as of now, it has been limited to a market niche. Continue reading

HP’s New Nvidia-Powered Backpack VR PC Is Coming Soon, Not For Gaming

Nvidia-Powered Backpack VR PC

There is newcomer in the most curious PC niche, which is the backpack computer. This new computer is by HP. Two months ago, HP introduced a backpack PC for virtual reality. Now it is introducing another one. But the new one isn’t meant for gamers. Continue reading

The DJI Goggles Offer Immersive Experience With an Ergonomic Design

The DJI Goggles

The new DJI Goggles give you a first-person, VR-like experience in the real world. The goggles come with a couple of screens. Through these screens, you can see whatever the drone’s camera is pointing at. By simply moving your head, you can even control where the camera is pointed. Continue reading

Acer’s Windows-ready VR Headsets are Ready For The Developers To Use

acers window ready vr headsets

Microsoft made an announcement earlier this year, at the Games Developer Conference. They said Acer would be the first manufacturer to ship its Windows Mixed Reality dev kits to developers. Continue reading

Google Daydream View – A Revolution in Virtual Reality

Google Daydream View

Virtual Reality is an interesting way of creating an illusion of presence in an environment that isn’t really there. Attempts have been made to translate these high-end virtual reality technologies to the consumer space before. Continue reading

Alcatel 360-Degree Pocket-friendly VR Camera is a Game Changer

Alcatel 360-Degree Camera

Alcatel is the first mobile phone brand to put VR in the box. We can see Alcatel’s commitment to mobile VR and the 360-degree camera industry, therefore, it is trying to bring the latest technology at affordable prices. Continue reading

Alcatel VR Headset – A Standalone VR Headset that Defines the New World!

Alcatel VR Headset

At IFA last week, Alcatel has officially announced its entry into the VR headset business and has taken this VR world on the storm by taking a step further in announcing a standalone VR headset named Vision. Continue reading

Live Planet VR Camera for Producing VR Video

Live Planet VR Camera

The latest device from Reality Lab Networks is a 360-degree camera that has the ability to live stream in 4k. It is a live streaming VR camera and video distribution service called Live Planet.  It has an amazing stereoscopic virtual reality video of the highest quality that can be used in every headset.

Continue reading

Virtuix Omni – The VR Motion Platform that Stands Apart from the Rest!

Virtuix Omni

Virtuix is one of the pioneers of virtual reality and the leader of active VR. They have recently launched Virtual Omni – a one of its kind motion platform that provides the user experience of moving freely and comfortably in virtual worlds. Continue reading