Mobile App Development

Xamarin for Cross-platform Development: Pros and Cons

The web is definitely a great platform in order to connect with users and exchange data and information with them. But when it comes to taking the highest advantage of a mobile device, a native app is the best option. Native apps still remain the best way to get most out of a user’s mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

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Dhruv Pandya

Dhruv Pandya is a Tech Writer and Social Media Marketer at Nimblechapps, a top hybrid app development company based out of India. He writes about new technology, tips relating to new trends, and mobile apps. He likes providing new ideas in order to give out updates about all the latest tech.

Certain Myths About Full Stack Developers We Need to Get Rid Of

A full stack developer is not easy to find and a good full stack developer is irreplaceable. They can single-handedly change an application’s look and performance. A lot of job postings recently have “full-stack developer” mentioned in the profile. A person who can do it all on his own. The developer is an expert at front-end frameworks like Java, Python, C# etc, with years of mobile experience on both iOS and Android.

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Nisarg Shah

Nisarg Shah, an aspiring personnel associated with Nimblechapps Ltd – SmartWatch Development Company designated as Business Development Manager, handles the Sales and PR department. Being a person from the Technical Background and a Master in Computer Applications, he acts as a bridge between the layman requirements of the client and technical aspects of the developers. With the industry experience of 2 years in Sales and PR, he serves as an intermediary between the clients and organisation.

Challenging Six Common Myths Related to Enterprise Apps

Every year, with all the new updates and inventions, the world is slowly becoming more mobile. Thanks to this digital revolution, enterprises are now forced to implement enterprise mobility. 8 out of 10 companies are readily investing in mobile technology for their growth. But there are still many companies which are either ignorant or indifferent towards the growing influence of mobile app platforms.

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Roma Kapadiya

Roma Kapadiya is Search Engine Optimizer at Nimblechapps – fast-growing react application development company. She has a very detailed knowledge of the mobile app industry. She has enough experience to manage and Execute implementation of On-Page and Off-Page, Analyze Webmaster and Analytics.  Also, loves music, traveling, adventure, family and friends.