Sensibo : A smart controller for your not so smart AC

In the recent past, we have seen a lot of improvements in smart home devices. That being said, we do not have all the money to revamp each household appliance so we can virtually control it. I agree that it would be nice to have that. However, this is where smart controllers like Sensibo Air Sensor steps in. 

Modern day air conditioner is a boon and an unmatched gift to us by the previous generations, however Sensibo Air Sensor takes it to the next level. This tiny device transforms the modern day air conditioner into a smart automated system to save your extra money. It is equivalent to an amazon fire stick to convert your TV into a smart TV. Let us find out the details about Sensibo Air Sensor and you can decide whether to buy or not. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a pocket air conditioner for added convenience.

What is Sensibo Sky?

Sensibo Sky is a small wiFi enabled device that transforms your conventional air conditioner into a smart air conditioner. It works by connecting to your home WiFi and intercepting your infrared remote control unit. Now, you can use the Sensibo app instead of the remote to control the air conditioner from anywhere and anytime.

The Sensibo device has a thermometer to track and control the temperature and humidity remotely. Additionally, you get 7 day scheduling and it can turn on/off whenever you are about to come home or leave home based on your location.The good part: it is compatible with any remote controlled air conditioner and just takes a couple of minutes to set up. It is also compatible with a range of smart devices like Alexa, Google or Siri so you can control the AC with your voice.

Sensibo Sky: Price and Availability

When I first checked the device online, I was astonished to see more than 1500 five star reviews on Amazon. It definitely elevated my confidence in this tiny wiFi enabled device. The Sensibo Sky is available right now at just $99 ($149 – Normal price) which is definitely a steal. If you want to spice things up, you can opt to go for a Sensibo Air and Room Sensor. The Sensibo Air does everything that the Sky does, plus it converts your house into a climate ecosystem. It will enable you to save more money by changing the temperature based on where you are. This device can measure the temperature and humidity of a room when you enter and always keep you cool no matter where you sit. Additionally, it also comes with a smart room sensor which consists of motion and climate sensors. The normal price is $199 but for a limited time, you can buy it on sale for $179

Is it worth it?

Sensibo does a whole lot of tasks apart from the usual remote. It can track temperature and humidity, can check if there is someone in the room, check weather conditions and collect data from your location to turn on/off the air conditioner. There is one drawback if you have multiple air conditioners, you will need to purchase individual devices for each air conditioner. We have worked on a lot of smart home devices this year and we think due to the ongoing we will see more such devices coming in 2021 due to remote work and work from home. Let us know in the comment section if you liked our content and if you would like to see more smart home related content in the future.

Amazfit T-Rex by Huami: The Smartwatch with a rugged look

We have to confess the fact that a watch being called the “T-Rex” was a deciding factor to check it out. Who wouldn’t want to say they have a T-Rex on their hand? Pretty cool, right? Even better, was Huami’s assertion about its battery life and the T-Rex doesn’t disappoint. The Amazfit watches and wearables are made by Huami, the company responsible for making Mi bands. With products like Amazfit T-Rex, the future of wearables is looking bright.

The Amazfit T-Rex is Huami’s first sturdy smartwatch at under $140, a perfect reply to competitors like Garmin. However, this comes with a couple of advanced features. The look and feel of the Amazfit T-Rex is pretty similar to Casio’s G Shock, only this is a smartwatch. 

Amazfit T-Rex Design

The Amazfit T-Rex is a rugged smartwatch, staying true to its name. This smartwatch is not for anyone with a small wrist, but it gives that macho feeling at this price. It comes with enormous bezels and stark lines across the case and its strap. The T-Rex is a relatively lightweight smartwatch at 56.7 grams. However, smartwatch weight is just a relative concept.

The watch case is plastic and boasts four buttons: up, down, back and select. This particular watch case design enables an excellent battery life. The Amazfit T-Rex can run for 20 full days on single charge with normal use and full 20 hours with GPS use.

Amazfit T-Rex Specifications

The display of Amazfit T-Rex has made up for the lacking slightly cheap hardware. The T-Rex has a 1.3 inch AMOLED display panel covered in Gorilla Glass 3, amazing right? It is best to have an automatic brightness turned on with this smartwatch and it will adapt accordingly. The Amazfit T-Rex has got a MIL-STD-810G durability rating and 5 ATM water resistance capacity, enabling it to endure anything thrown at it with relatable ease. 

Usually, smartwatches and fitness trackers above $200 level have IP67 or 68 rating, while many don’t have a durability rating. Huami mentioned that it has 12 military certifications which allows the watch to work between minus 40 to 70 degree celsius. The Colours reflect the rugged exterior too. This Amazfit smartwatch is available in Army Green, Khaki, Camouflage green, Rock Black and Gun Gray. 

Amazfit T-Rex : The Good and Bad

The Amazfit T-Rex has features like GPS, optical heart rate monitor and almost everything that you might expect from a smartwatch. The battery capacity of 390mAh isn’t noteworthy and is charged with a magnetic pogo-pin cable like other smartwatches. If you are buying the Amazfit T-Rex, you will just need to charge once or twice a month depending on usage. It is so convenient that you don’t have to take it off often, it feels great not to think about charging one more device.

The Amazfit T- Rex uses its own Amazfit OS, rather than using battery sucking WearOS.  If you have been using the Apple Watch or a smartwatch with WearOS, it will be difficult to adjust to the Amazfit T-Rex. As, you are stuck with 20 plus preloaded watch faces which are non customizable and only a few watch faces include important updates like Weather.

The software of Amazfit T-Rex is pretty basic. It has trackable activities like walking, running, cycling, swimming, climbing, elliptical etc. It is easy to access your workouts but it will take a whole lot of button presses. The major drawback is that you will have to depend on the Android or iOS app to configure with limited options on the watch itself. It would be a crime to call Amazfit’s software an advanced smartwatch OS, however it does the job in terms of excellent battery life. This is a noteworthy feature for some people though it would be a disappointment  for Apple or Samsung smartwatch users. 

Who should buy Amazfit T-Rex?

It is worth noting that if you are looking to get a decent smartwatch with G-Shock like design a very appealing battery life and not dependent on WearOS then the Amazfit T-Rex is your best bet. It is available on Amazon for $139.99 and is made available in India starting from INR 9,999. If you would like to read more about technology and gadgets, please subscribe to our blog for latest updates.


Sony unveils PlayStation5 for late 2020 release

This week Sony finally confirmed what the PlayStation 5 would look like. With PS5 console, it also unveiled the most awaited trailers of games to be launched with the new PS5 console. The PlayStation 5 gaming console has a suave white and black design. It will also include a new DualSense controller in the box. The event was earlier rescheduled due to the outcry taking place across the United States after the death of George Floyd.

The latest PlayStation gaming console will be released in two versions, one is the classic edition that comes with an Ultra HD blu-ray disc drive while the second is a digital variant which is not included with an optical disc drive. This stylish new PS5 is a vertical console, just like Microsoft’s Xbox Series X whereas the second variant looks considerably slimmer than the classic editions all thanks to the removal of the optical drive.

PlayStation5 Design and Specifications

You must be wondering that if the new PS5 comes without a drive, it must be cheaper right?  Well, Sony is playing it smart at the moment due to the COVID-19 crisis and has refrained from releasing the price just yet. However, there is a strong indication that digital edition (due to lack of optical drive) will be cheaper than the classic edition and it also gives us an indication of a digital ecosystem Sony is about to create and the future of gaming.

Sony has also given a list of accessories with PlayStation 5 console, which includes a DualSense charging station, a new high definition camera, a Pulse 3D wireless headgear and a media remote. Just like the PlayStation 5 pricing, Sony has left us wondering about the price of the accessories too. However, the accessories are supposed to be released along with the PS5 gaming consoles.

Just like Microsoft, Sony too has been gradually establishing more information about the next generation PS5 in coming months. The gaming console is supposedly coming to the stores just in time for the holidays in late 2020. The PS5 console is operated on an eight core AMD Zen 2 central processing unit and a customer AMD RDNA 2 based GPU. Sony revealed the PS5 specs in March and the custom AMD chips will supply 10.28 TF of power. This will be in accordance with variable frequencies on the GPU and CPU. Faster loading times is a necessity for gaming and hence Sony is using a proprietary SSD solution to pump up the load times for games on the new PS5 consoles. This new SSD will be able to provide 825 gigabytes of storage space and 5.5 gigabytes/sec performance with finesse. 

Sony’s Plan for Release and Pricing

On April 7th, Sony announced the PS5’s DualSense controller which features haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. There is also a novel create button to share gameplay content with your buddies. Just like the previous DualShock controllers, the D pad and buttons will stay on top half of the DualSense controller followed by two analog sticks at the bottom. The DualSense controller also has a center mounted touchpad and a revamped light bar that sits on each side of the touchpad.

There is good news for PS4 users too, the new PS5 console will support more than 4,000 PS4 existing titles. In the event this week, Sony also mentioned some of the games to be launched on PS5 like Spider-Man Miles Morales, GTA5, Resident Evil Village and many more. 

Sony has advised that the release date of the PS5 is due in the holiday season of 2020.  As we have seen the design and specifications now, can we skip to the end of 2020 to get a hands on experience of this beauty? We will do a write up about the price and games to be released on the PS5 in detail in the later part of 2020.

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