Skydio R1: A Truly Futuristic Intelligent Self-Pilot Drone

Skydio R1

Drones have been in the market for some time but still, they couldn’t become a mainstream technology for the users at large. It is principally because the users face unwanted hardships in flying drones and preventing these drones from crashing on the ground. Continue reading

DJI Mavic Air: The Ultimate Portable Drone with An Affordable Price Tag

DJI Mavic Air Drone

Whenever we come across a great drone with rich features, manoeuvrability and photo-shooting abilities, we already assume it to be exorbitantly priced, and that’s just one reason for not buying drones. Continue reading

Pitta: An Innovative Selfie Camera Drone for This Holiday Season


The craze for selfie will continue and it is no longer limited to the awesome front cameras of smartphones equipped with selfie shooting features. Now, a whole range of new and innovative products are coming. Continue reading

SMAO: A Micro-Drone Armed With VR Glasses


SMAO is the world’s smallest VR drone. The drone is characterized by its 2.56-inch body size and 40g of weight. Maybe it is tiny, but it’s a metric ton of fun. The drone features extensive functions, such as 2K high-definition anti-shake camera, VR connection, well-controlled capacity and higher stability. Continue reading

BIKI is The First Bionic Wireless Underwater Drone


BIKI is the world’s first wireless bionic underwater drone. It is wireless and capable of automated balance, obstacle avoidance, and return to base. A 4K camera is also available with BIKI, by which you can visualize a different underwater view from a different perspective. Continue reading

DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro Drone Designed Specially for Filmmaking

DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro Drone

DJI’S Phantom line of consumer drones is the 800-pound giant of the industry. Now the company’s latest flying machine, the Phantom 4 Pro, looks like it’s assured to be the new king of the drone market. The drone has some fantastic automated camera functions and robust controls. Continue reading

SELFLY is a Flying Phone Case Drone Camera

SELFLY Flying Phone Case Camera

SELFLY is an autonomous flying camera which doubles as a phone case. SELFLY is a new concept that allows anyone to take hands-free photos on the go. Continue reading

GRIFF 300 – GRIFF Aviation’s Game Changing Drone

GRIFF 300 Drone

Drones are something that took a step up in 2016 with some fascinating ones in terms of capabilities and performance hitting the market. But 2017 looks set to be a bumper year for the drone fanatics if the exceptional looking Griff 300 Drone is anything to go by.

Continue reading

Airblock – A Modular and Programmable Drone for Both Indoor and Outdoor Flying

Airblock Drone

Airblock is first modular and programmable drone that can be turned into a hovercraft and car and does stunts through drag-and-drop programming. In the past, Makeblock made the mBot and the mBot Ranger which are two well-known programmable robots for kids.

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Dobby – An Intelligent Drone that Fits in your Pocket

Dobby Drone

Zerotech just recently launched its new drone called “Dobby” that fits in your pocket easily. With 9 years of professional experience in developing drones, Zerotech has been a world leader in professional drones. Continue reading