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6 Best Tactics to Grow Your Mobile App Using Content Marketing

With over 8.93 million mobile apps globally, getting people to notice yours requires a lot of effort. New competition pops up daily, cutting down your market share, and grabbing your target audiences’ attention. To remain steps ahead of your competitors, you’ll need to go beyond having a quality app to discover the scalability of content marketing.

Just as it is with other forms of business, content marketing creatively puts out informative, relevant, and useful material that makes the user interested and curious enough to want to try your app. When formulating a content app marketing strategy for your mobile app, here are some of the best tactics you can apply:

Know Your Target Audience

Before you begin app marketing, and even when creating your app, you need to identify your target audience. Through research on the app industry, your competitors, etc., you can gather relevant data in identifying the right target audiences. From this data, you get to highlight their interests, buyer behavior, challenges, and needs.

Once you can map out your different audience buyer persona, you can start working on the right content marketing strategy for your mobile app. Talk about their problems, so they know you understand them. Then go on to highlight how your mobile app can provide the solution to their problems. In this way, you can develop the most effective and appropriate content format that will address user needs. It likewise gives you an idea of how to achieve maximum reach and engagement with your audience.

Use the Audiences’ Language When Writing Your Content

When creating a content app, it should reflect the users’ tone and lingo. You can use keyword search tools that will give you an idea of what words your target audience use when looking for the service your mobile app provides. For example, if you create an app for paper writing services such as Online Writers Rating, the app needs to have texts and words that resonate with students or professionals needing such services. Phrases such as “cheap essay writing services,” “professional paper writing,” “best paper reviews,” quality essay writing services,” etc. will be appropriate.

While on the flip side, if you’re creating a mobile app for food recipes, the use of such texts and words will not work. You may have to consider using more visuals that capture the food making process and the outcome. Thus the right words, videos, images, etc., help tell a story that entices users to use your app.

Use Effective Channels to Promote Your Content

Another tactic to enhance your app marketing is knowing the right platforms to promote your app. With so many social channels out there, you need to look at relevant statistics that can guide you toward finding channels suitable for your domain.

There are several blogs, social media channels, forums, and social sites that you can engage your users. You can join these platforms and interact either by creating your profile to market your app or drop valuable comments on users’ space and then promote your app. In both cases, you’ll have to post frequently, and of course, your posts need to be relevant in a way that solves a problem and provides information.

Invest in App Store Optimization

In-app elements such as title, headline, description, screenshots, and reviews greatly influence getting your app noticed. Google play store and Apple’s App store each have over a million apps on their platforms that account for more than 100 billion mobile app downloads. It goes to show that you need to optimize your app, so you get seen out of the multitude.

Use titles and descriptions that capture the essence of your app. They should be creative, unique, and short. Also, try not to stuff all your keywords into the title because app stores limit the number of characters per title. For your description, use keywords that succinctly captures your kind of app. Usually, there is a short and full description display. You want your short-description to show your app’s relevant message without the reader having to click on “read more.”

Your app screenshots should likewise show its main features. Most search engines have different algorithms that consider the relevancy of this type of in-app content. Therefore, your in-app content needs to be well optimized to increase your mobile app’s chances of higher ranking.

Provide Different Content Types Your Audience’s Needs

You cannot have the same kind of customers, all through. Although they may have some similarities (which is using your app), they also have different needs, so creating a one-size-fit-all content marketing will not suffice. They come from different backgrounds, values, and are of different genders, age range, etc.

The text or visual content you market to these various types of users need to differ according to their needs. For instance, if an essay writing review company such as Best Writers Online sets up and app for students, their app content marketing cannot be the same for every student. This is because students’ needs might vary according to subjects, institutions (if they are in college or high school), etc. However, you might not be able to create content for every individual users’ needs. Thus, segmenting your customers allows you to easily place them into groups and provide targeted content for every customer group.

Make use of User-Generated Content

Sometimes you might get stuck finding inspiration for new app content. One way to remedy this block is to ask your audience to share a bit about themselves or ask them the kind of content they will like to see on your app. This method of content creation is referred to as user-generated content. You can encourage them to share stories, videos, quotes, or pictures related to your app.

With the user-generated content, you can create app marketing content that your users will feel a part of. It becomes a win for both you and your users as such content often has the potential to go viral. Your app gets a lot of promotion, and your users gain popularity in their own right. All of which is great for app marketing.  


The mobile app market is becoming a highly saturated one. With more developers and businesses doing the same thing as you, you need to get very creative with the kind of app and content you put out. For this, a content marketing strategy can play a vital role in increasing your app rankings across several platforms.


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