Augmented Reality

Intel Vaunt: The New Augmented Reality Smart Glass

Intel Vaunt

Intel has just revealed Vaunt, the new augmented reality (AR) smart glasses that came with the promise of more unobtrusive viewing. Many people still think that smart goggles or glasses like Magic Leap or Microsoft HoloLens are practically unwearable in public without drawing weird attention. Continue reading

Magic Leap One: Much Awaited AR Headset is Ultimately Coming in 2018

Magic Leap One

Magic Leap as a futuristic AR headgear has been kept in secret for years until it is announced to appear soon in 2018. The hype and buzz that continued for all this time seem finally justified with this exceptionally punk-designed headgear finally seeing the light of day.

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DAQRI – The Augmented Reality Headset that Changes the Way it Works!

DAQRI Smart Helmet

Augmented reality is going great guns with several companies on board inventing several gadgets to enhance the experience further than the others. The market is flooding with augmented reality headsets that are creating immersive visuals and content to support the gadget. Continue reading

Augmented Reality will take off in 2015

Skin & Bones iOS app

How many of you have visited a historical museum at least once in your life? I bet very few and with the advent of technology and hectic work life things like going to a museum and enjoying a perfect weekend with your family has been exchanged with sleep-like-there’s-no-tomorrow long weekends and catching up with friends on a road trip.

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