Obscura 2: A One-hand Friendly UI with Tasteful Features

Obscura 2

With all the latest smartphones featuring some of the best camera technologies, people are gradually moving from taking out their DSLRs to simply clicking pictures on their phones. The phone cameras have developed a lot in the past few years and they give you some really amazing results.

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Opera Touch: A Mobile Browser Focusing on User’s Comfort

Opera Touch Mobile Browser

This week Opera released a new Android web browser. With this new release, Opera has made some smart changes to the interface. This will make Opera easier to use than other mobile browsers. It’s called the Opera Touch. Continue reading

Hello – A New Interest Based Social Networking App

Hello Social Networking App

Our very first introduction to social media started with Orkut. It was probably the first and the only social media platform to find and connect with friends before Facebook came. Orkut provided us with a virtual life with people we weren’t able to meet for real. Continue reading

Just a Line: A New Google App Allowing You to Draw Lines in the Air

Just a Line

Augmented Reality is intriguing in the manner of finding Pokemon on the streets you walk. Or, augmented reality is really interesting stuff to enjoy the shopping experience with a mixed presentation of the products right on the rack and on your screen. Continue reading

Otter: Real-Time Transcription App with Automatic Speech Recognition

Otter App Latest

Most of us are aware of the huge complexity and multiple challenges involved in the transcription process. It requires tremendous hard work as well. This is precisely why most people who need transcription prefer to opt for professional transcription services. Continue reading

Google Museum App: A Funny and Artistic Way to Look at Your Selfies

Google Museum App

How many times have you wondered looking at a portrait art piece whether it looks like someone you know? You might have already spotted a few artworks where your closest alter-ego might have a presence. Well, this is an experience common to many of us. Continue reading

Datally: A Unique Mobile Data Saving & WiFi App from Google


Concern over the data usage is common among prepaid data users. You have no control over the apps that are consuming most of your data and you cannot put a cap on the data usage for individual apps. This makes often prepaid users vulnerable to premature data exhaustion. Continue reading

Google’s 3 New Photography Apps: Innovative Ways to Deal Mobile Photography


The smartphone camera is continuously improving and long ago they replaced the point and shoot cameras. In fact, smartphone cameras are offering now even professional DSLR grade output as well. Continue reading

Notcha: The Innovative Way to Hide The Notch of iPhone X

Notch of iPhone X

iPhone X just bowled us out with its all-screen flashy look the very moment it appeared on commercials. But soon, in the nearly zero bezel phone the topmost notch grabbed our attention. Practically, it is where the speaker and the front camera to detect Face ID are tucked in. Continue reading

Bobby 2: A Great App for Digital Workers to Track Subscriptions

Bobby 2

Everyone in the digital and web world these days have numerous subscriptions for services and apps. From regular digital workers to rigorous web workers to non-frequent users of the web, subscriptions remain a constant concern for many of us. Continue reading