Google Translate gets a boost with Real Time Translation

Google Translate

What is it with real time translation entering the world of chatting? Now Google has launched an updated Google Translate with a real time translation feature which comes not as a surprise as Microsoft did just that a month ago Google, by launching the Skype Translator app which is a real time text-to-speech translator. Continue reading

After Yo and Bruh, it’s time for Cacofonixx

Cacofonixx iOS app

Time and again there comes an app which changes how people look at mobile apps. For eg mobile users, in the recent years have gone quite smart to fall for not so convincing apps. Continue reading

Manage your email clutter with Unsubscriber app


Do you have the count for exactly how many promotional mails you receive on a regular day? Marketers have gone all aggressive in the past few years and it is difficult to get rid of spammy mails and have to manually unsubscribe from email lists. Continue reading

The Apple-IBM bromance of Enterprise Mobility

Apple + IBM

Apple and IBM are poles apart when it comes to their business ethics and overall. Business strategies are concerned and now they have decided to end this cold war from more than 30 years and have joined hands in what is said to be the biggest news of the year. Continue reading

Microsoft launches video messaging app – Skype Qik

It is raining messaging services in the technology world and how could Microsoft be left behind in the race to have a widely used messaging app. As business insiders have accepted that the number of mobile users is increasing which has lead to driving more and more business in terms of organic leads or ads from mobile and in times like these. Continue reading