The global electric vehicle (EV) market is on fire these days. In 2021, the EV market size reached $170 billion mark. However, we have only just scratched the surface as the market is anticipated to surpass $1103.17 billion by 2030.

Due to the rapid increase in electric cars, more organizations, hotels, and individuals are joining the trend by setting up public charging stations to sell electricity and build new revenue streams. However, controlling, managing, and monitoring charge points is not an easy task. That's why more organizations are turning to CSMS software to optimize EV charging, save time and money, improve customer satisfaction, and provide technical support to enhance their businesses.

Wondering what CSMS for EV Charging stations are, their benefits, how they work, and where to get the best CSMS for your EV charging business? Read on to find out!

What is EV CSMS, and how does it work?

Charging Station Management System (CSMS), also known as charge point management software, is a tool used by charge point operators to track, manage, and optimize electric vehicle charging operations. To better understand EV CSMS and how it works, let's describe what 'charge points' are.

A charge point, also known as an EV charging station, is a piece of equipment that supplies electrical power to recharge electric vehicles' batteries. Charging stations can be installed in various locations, such as commercial buildings, homes, and public or private parking lots.

Imagine that you own a parking lot. You charge for parking but want to increase its revenue generation potential. You can set up charge points for EV drivers and start earning some more money from its use.

However, having installed the charge points, you need to have software pre-built to help manage your charging equipment and optimize their operations to maximize your profit. This is where CSMS comes in handy. This CSMS is a centralized management tool that allows you (and other charge point operators) to optimize the efficiency of your charge points from an easy-to-use central hub.

The Benefits of CSMS

EV CSMS solutions offer many benefits to individuals and businesses implementing them across their networks. Some of these benefits include:

Automating and simplifying charge point management processes

EV charging management system automates monthly reporting, data entry, and data collection from all your charge points, simplifying many of their most time-consuming aspects. The software automates complex processes, such as collection for charging sessions, payments and invoicing. It also gathers information like maintenance costs, payments, revenue, usage times, and patterns to provide reports that can be used for financial reporting, auditing, and billing.

Since these processes are automated, you won't have to manually input data or hire someone to enter it into a spreadsheet, saving you time and money. Moreover, you can use the information provided by the software to understand how best to manage your EV charging stations.

Intuitive and easy to use

CSMSs (especially those designed by Nimblechapps) are intuitive and easy to use, even for people with little or no experience in the electric vehicle industry. That means that even the least tech-savvy team members can use it to manage and monitor your charging stations. Besides, no specialized training is required, so you can use your existing employees who may not have direct experience with charging stations.

Monitor hardware and provide historical and real-time data about each charging point

The CSMS allows you to monitor your on-site charging hardware in real time. It also has detailed information about your charge point, enabling you to control or get a clear picture of your charge point operations and ensure there are no issues. This information includes maintenance, the type of electricity each unit uses, charging point hardware errors, and other information that will be useful when setting up billing for your customers. The software will also notify your charge point operator about the identified errors to avoid unnecessary downtime and ensure smooth operation.

Optimize or increase charge point charging capacity

Expanding charging stations' electrical capacity is time-consuming, expensive, and requires utility or municipal approvals. However, as a charge point business owner interested in making profits, you wouldn't want to limit your charging stations to the capacity you already have at the site. Thankfully, with CSMS, you can operate with many more chargers and optimize EV charging without exceeding the electrical limits of your charging station.

Optimize the charging process to reduce energy costs

CSMS allows you to see the amount of electricity each charge point uses daily. With this, you'll be able to maximize profits from each charging unit by setting how much power each unit can use and when a charging station can be used. That means you can control the amount of electricity that goes into each car to prevent overcharging or turn off power to prevent unauthorized users from using the facility after working hours.

Remotely manage charge point groups and add new charging station locations

Charging station management software allows you to track energy consumption patterns to help you make well-informed decisions on which areas to expand your charge point network coverage. The software also allows you to track charge point usage so you can add more units as needed and prepare your business for the future of electromobility.

Allow EV drivers to find nearby charge points

Besides improving the charging experience of EV drivers, the charge point management system also allows them to search and find the nearest available charging stations. This is especially useful as more and more people continue to join the EV charging business across the globe. Your business is set up for success when EV drivers can easily locate your charging stations.

Position your EV charging business for success with our EV charging software solutions

Whether you plan to start an EV charging business or improve the efficiency of existing charge points, CSMS software can help take your business to the next level. However, choosing the right EV CSMS software with the features necessary for your charge point operations can be challenging. We can help!

At Nimblechapps, we are a dedicated, experienced, and talented development team that can design any mobile, web, or cloud application to provide modern, scalable, and intuitive solutions for your business. We design CSMS software that efficiently integrates with your EV charging business, allowing you to access all the information about your charge points in one place and manage them smarter.

We also use OCP, OpenADR, and OCPP interoperability protocol implementation to achieve the fastest charging solutions for your business. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation, and let's provide you with a great EV CSMS solution that sets you up for success and prepares your business for the future of electromobility!

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