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Does Google Assistant Have The Potential To Take Over Our Lives?

With every new Google I/O event, the tech giant is strengthening the grip it has on several aspects of our lives. Google had showcased certain features which are powered by artificial intelligence which are designed in a way that makes us more reliant on Google. Google is trying to fit into spaces in our daily lives. This way it’s not only filling the gaps, but also slowly oozing into a completely new territory. This is extremely difficult to escape.

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Setting up Google Wallet for both Android and iOS

The iPhone 6 from Apple was the first phone from Apple that started to make use of mobile payments. It is also the first iPhone to use NFC. NFC is a feature that is now widely used on Android and Windows phones. There are millions of credit cards that are on record with Apple. Apple did redefine the mobile payments with the help of NFC, TouchID, and a simple set-up process.

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Wearable Technology and Its Future

The way technology is finding ways to enter our lives and influence us is rapidly growing and as that happens we are only getting more dependent on it and not keep it separate from our lives. Until a few years ago, we only had desktops and smartphones in the name of technology. But with the advent of technology over the last few years, we have seen a major addition to the list, that is, wearable technology.

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With its new Lasso App, Facebook is Making Another Attempt to Appeal the Teen Market

After cloning Snapchat, Facebook is running behind developing an app that is similar to the Chinese short-form video sensation TikTok by launching a knock-off app called Lasso. Lasso is Facebook’s answer to the mobile lip-syncing playfield that has gained immense popularity among young users, not only in China but also in the West.

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