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With its new Lasso App, Facebook is Making Another Attempt to Appeal the Teen Market

After cloning Snapchat, Facebook is running behind developing an app that is similar to the Chinese short-form video sensation TikTok by launching a knock-off app called Lasso. Lasso is Facebook’s answer to the mobile lip-syncing playfield that has gained immense popularity among young users, not only in China but also in the West.

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Individual Freelancer vs Agency: Pros and Cons

With every technology update and advancement, the world is coming in much closer and is bringing everybody together. For each and everything we see out there, there is a website or a mobile app related to it, be it a product or a service. The individuals or organizations working on these updates and advancements also need to be in sync with each other. In order to grow the business, they will need to put out more websites and mobile apps.

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Fixed Cost vs Hourly Rate: Which One is Better for Your Project?

The first thing you do after hiring a software development company is signing a billing contract. The billing contract also mentions the price you pay for getting the project developed. The price of a project is developed depending on several different aspects like the type of project, number of hours, technologies etc. There are two major modules in this case: Fixed Price and Hourly Rate.

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