Android & iOS Mobile App Developer latest required Skills in 2022


Keval Padia

With respect to current industry standards, it has become vital for developers to have knowledge of multiple platforms.

There are no set standards in the industry today and from cloud and server to the latest trends of IoT enabled and wearable devices render enormous opportunities to developers to showcase their skill sets and help achieve them excellence.

Here are five must-have skills for Android and iOS mobile app developers in 2021.

For Android App Developers: Java, Python, Javascript, PHP, C#

For iOS App developer: Objective-C, Swift, SwiftUI

Any developer who’s well versed with multiple languages will stand out from the rest and has better chances to land a lucrative job in the industry. The majority of businesses will approach a development team for android development services or iPhone application development services. It's their task to provide them with scalable solutions that are cost effective.

4. Machine Learning

One of the exciting fields that are powering our present and future, machine learning uses extensive data and is a natural progression to A.I. According to the report published by International Data Corporation, spending on Machine Learning and AI Will shoot over $60B by 2021. Tech Giants like Google, Linkedin, Microsoft, IBM, and Intel have already registered many patents and are hiring experts to do cutting edge research.

Learning M.L skills doesn’t require certification or degrees. Online courses are available to learn the skill set. Machine learning is not restricted to just software developers. It is open to all engineering graduates and is one of the most profitable skills one can learn today.

There are tonnes of examples we see everyday, thanks to machine learning and A.I. Personal assistants like Siri and Alexa have become part of our voice and non-voice based interactions. Ola and Uber provide us hassle-free rides. From live chatbots to self-driving cars, the future looks bright.

5. Soft Skills

Problem Solving: Companies hire developers who have enhanced problem-solving abilities. Here are some personal attributes which could be found in developers who are passionate about what they do.

  • Work cohesively as a team and assist others
  • Are willing to accept new ideas
  • Take ownership of mistakes
  • View problems objectively with an appropriate coding approach

Things like accountability, empathy, open-mindedness are all soft skills one can use to interact harmoniously and effectively with other people.

Wrapping Up:

It doesn't matter the platform or device, a developer in today’s age must know how to optimize the app visibility in the market. The business and marketing side of the mobile app has reinvented itself and has to be taken seriously. A skilled developer is not only experienced in one platform but is versatile enough to adapt to the changing times.

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