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How will Blockchain Influence Mobile App Development?

With new demands in the market, the adoption of new technologies has also increased over the years. This is very much required if you want to keep your business in the game. Recently, one such technology is taking over the market and helping people develop their mobile applications and staying ahead in the race. This technology is Blockchain.

Blockchain is a technology that helps in maintaining a distributed digital ledger. This ledger is utilized to record transactions in a database and is completely decentralized. Not everybody might have heard about Blockchain, but almost everyone today has heard about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency which was built using Blockchain-based technology. Now Blockchain-based technology is slowly spreading over the mobile app development industry as well.

A lot of technology companies have realized the potential of Blockchain. With this, even the mobile app development field is about to face a few changes. These changes can be good or bad depending on how they are perceived. Today we are going to discuss a few changes Blockchain will bring to the mobile app development.

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Storing information in a distributed database is a challenging task. This method requires you to constantly maintain the entire system in order to keep the different nodes up to date. This is hard to keep track of. With keeping track, you also have to make sure that with an update on one part, there can be impacts on other parts as well.

Complex Digital Ledger System

This is very similar to decentralization. When a change is made in the digital ledge, the same change should be made across all the platforms having the same ledger. This is a systematic approach for handling records, and mobile technology really needs this. Most systems use a client and server side system.

Through mobile networks, millions of people are trying to procure data wirelessly. But if it is not divided properly, some information might be lost. But that’s blockchain helps. Blockchain technology provides with more data streaming and better storage facilities, which could be immense use.


With blockchain technology, information is recorded in a way in which it can be easily tracked by a user. This will almost completely stop falsifying information and creation of fake transactions. Here users don’t need to trust each other. So the information of one user is unable to be affected by some other user.

In this case, the storage of information can be tracked and checked. With the increasing number of entries, the size of blockchain will also increase. This will allow more information to be added. This allows a check and balance system and thus there will be enough transparency.

Protecting Digital Information

Converting information or data to a code to prevent unauthorized access is complex with blockchain. It is complex to the limit where it is almost impossible for anyone without a decryption to crack the system. This same feature is exceeded to other systems that asks for access to multiple users. So with blockchain, the information can be edited and accessed by people without the need to communicate with each other. Analyzing the blockchain and checking the adjustments will be the only verification required.


There is still no proper regulation, for Blockchain being an emerging technology. Developers need to be aware of whether the transactions carried out by the ledger are treated legally under the regulatory framework. There has been increasing scrutiny towards the field and the technology, but final decisions are yet to be taken.

Wrap up

Over the past few months, Blockchain has proved that it has the potential to impact a large number of industries, mobile app development is also on the same list. This is not something the mobile app developers or anybody from the field has to be worried about. If anything, it will only increase opportunities for the mobile app development field.