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Benefits of Building Decentralized Applications with a Blockchain

The first decentralized currency to attain global attention was Bitcoin. Blockchain was the technology that was used behind this, which was actually the first decentralized ledger technology. It was majorly used only in the financial services domain.

Blockchain then slowly gained importance and other industries and businesses starting looking for ways to implement this technology in their own sector. This gave a boost to the demand of decentralized blockchain application development. Mobile app development also gained a lot of momentum due to this. The web application where the server-database logic is preserved on the blockchain is called a decentralization application.

A Decentralized Application? What could that be?

There are certain characteristics or features that can be used to categorize a decentralized application. The application’s code is open source which means it is freely available to all. There is a similarity between Blockchain, which is a cryptographic technology, and the underlying database of this application. The application comes with tokens and cryptocurrencies.

These are either of its own or available from a different source that can easily boost its operations. These applications are decentralized, which means they are not owned by anyone. So if these are not owned by anyone, they can’t even be shut down by anyone. When such features are a part of an application, the app can be known as a decentralized application. Are you interested in cryptocurrency ideas, like buying bitcoins? You can visit Crypto Head for more information.

What is the Difference Between Decentralized and Distributed?

Distributed apps are those solutions whose computation has been spread across a certain number of nodes. Whereas a decentralized app shows that there is no particular central authority of the app with anyone. This means that one node cannot tell another node what to do or what not to do. In a system like this, if one of the nodes fail, the system will still experience no failure at all.

Bitcoin is one system which is both distributed and decentralized at the same time. The distribution of the software is possible due to the Blockchain technology present on multiple nodes. It is also decentralized because there is no central authority that can govern the system as a whole. There are very few mobile app developers out there who understand the nitty gritty of developing a decentralized app. The blockchain enthusiasts have definitely increased over the past few years, but there is still a deficiency of expert decentralized app developers.

There are three different ways of developing decentralized apps.

👉 1. Platform Apps: This is suitable for those developers who are new to developing decentralized apps. This kind of approach to development allows you to create a new blockchain token system. This can either be done from scratch or by using the existing Blockchains. Bitcoin is one of the biggest example of platform apps. This software approach is preferable for you is you have the ability to stand out in the Blockchain space and have a new direction for blockchain development.

👉 2. Software Apps: In this approach, you can easily leverage the pre-existing software platforms like Bitcoin. This approach to the problem is most suitable in cases where a specific needs to have a solution specific to the nature of the problem. You don’t require too much technical information for building an app using this approach.

👉 3. Specialized Software Apps: This approach is best suited when you need to build-in a plugin or a protocol which can be easily integrated with other blockchain protocols or apps. These apps are not developed on the basis of blockchain but a blockchain service. This approach is the best in order to develop a specialized software. You can get access to the features of the underlying blockchain technology in addition to the characteristics of the community project you work on.

Final Thoughts

If you have the right idea and the perfect implementation method to develop your app, you can easily select your ideal approach for developing a decentralized app. Find a blockchain app development company that has the right kind of team to offer you the right kind of services to build your preferred decentralized app.

But if you are clear with your needs and requirements of the app, you can still make efforts. If you have your basics cleared, as in the kind of the approach you need for your app, it won’t be too difficult for you. Go ahead and decentralize.