Author: Vanessa Venugopal

Top 10 Platforms to Build your Mobile App in 2020

The number of mobile applications increases each year. Developers create apps daily because of businesses, website owners, and people’s demand. 

It doesn’t come in surprise that people are fond of using mobile phone apps. With 4.6 billion mobile phone users, the demand for these apps has also increased. Developers work hard to come up with the latest ground-breaking app or are creating a unique app for businesses.

But is it easy to create an app? What tools do developers use to build apps that look complicated and fascinating at the same time? Can someone with little skills be able to create an app for their business?

Mobile App Platforms

Developing an app is not for a skilled person anymore. There are platforms created to help developers speed up their work or for people with no coding skills. 

Here are ten of the best-known mobile app platforms you can try.


Appery is a mobile app development platform designed for a complete novice and for professionals with skill sets.

It’s a cloud-based tool that doesn’t require any downloading. It also allows collaboration with your team members or clients in real-time.

With its drag and drop feature, users with no knowledge of mobile app coding and designing can create apps they desire.

It allows the creation of native apps for Android, iOS, and Windows users. Users of Appery can also create web apps and hybrid apps for any device.

If you are a newbie in creating mobile apps, Appery has a guideline to help you create a basic app. However, if you want to add some complicated features, you must have some knowledge on coding to help you with this platform.

Their paid plans begin at $99 a month, allowing the creation of 3 apps.


If DIY is your thing, Appy Pie is the best platform to tinker for the creation of your app. 

It’s a cloud-based tool like, which means real-time collaboration is possible. 

You can create a free app for your website, but if you are looking to create native apps, you can add a small fee.

Some features that users of this tool will enjoy are the following:

  • Ads for monetization
  • Live analytics to check the app’s performance 
  • Push notifications
  • GPS
  • Integration of social media 
  • Multiple industry-related templates
  • Friendly customer service

Their basic plan with no premium features starts at $18 per month.


ShoutEm is an open-source platform that gives users the freedom to create an attractive app. This tool is best-known for providing appealing templates for the creation of the app.

Developers can create apps with React Native code.

Here are features of this tool that you might want to try when making an app.

  • Integration with Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and more
  • Monetization with ads
  • Multiple designs or templates to choose from
  • Real-time updates

If you want to create apps for both Android and iOS, their paid plans start at $79 per month.


The smooth and easy-to-use feature of this tool makes it one of the best mobile app platforms for developers or newbies.

Users who want to make the process of creating an app easily can use AppMachine. You can add your website’s URL or transfer information from your social media account, and it will show or suggest the content of the app you need to create.

After the content suggestion, users can now select the design and font they want for their app.

Some features of this platform:

  • Ad support
  • Integration of social media
  • App testing
  • Real-time updates

Premium plans start at $49 per month.


Gaming app is one of the most popular mobile apps in the market. It’s a form of entertainment that people often use. Therefore, creating one is a good idea.

GameSalad is a platform that can help you create an innovative gaming app.

It’s a user-friendly platform that doesn’t require any coding skills or knowledge. 

You can include actors in scenes using images, attributes, and sounds. You can also seek help with other app creators with their online community.

If you are knowledgeable with regards to creating apps, you can tweak some features on this platform.

GameSalad’s price starts at $17 per month.


If money is not a problem, you can use Mobile Roadie to assist you with your mobile app development.

Mobile Roadie is one of the most expensive platforms in the market. They are known to be used by big names in the industry like Disney, Universal, and TED. Therefore, it doesn’t come in surprise as to why the price is high.

Developers can use various coding languages such as PHP, HTML, XML, JSON, and CSV.

Other features of Mobile Roadie:

  • Multiple designs and templates
  • Integration of music player and social media
  • Push notification
  • Geo-targeting

The lowest price Mobile Roadie offers is $149 per month.


GoodBarber is an app designed for creating Progressive Web Apps (PWA). However, you can also develop apps for iOS and Android.

Even users with no coding experience can create an app within this platform.

Features you might utilize with this tool:

  • Social networking
  • Push notification
  • Geofencing
  • Auto-updates
  • Multiple plugins available

GoodBarber has three pricings, and each pricing offers different plans.


Sencha is a tool liked by many mobile app developers. With Sencha, developers can create an app that is friendly to other devices.

You can use HTML5 code and translate it to iOS or Android with a translation tool.

There are built-in templates that don’t require any coding skills.

The testing of apps in Ext JS is possible.

There are multiple packages offered by Sencha.


Create apps efficiently and quickly with Appcelerator. It brings to life native apps in a faster way.

It is one of the most flexible platforms for developers as it allows coding in multiple languages such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby; and creates apps that work in any device.

Appcelerator offers a free plan, but if you want to maximize its features, their paid plans, which begin at $199 per month, are excellent.


Creating an app without any coding skills is attainable with BuildFire. Users can create simple apps for their businesses or websites.

It has multiple customization options, real-time changes, multiple options for plugins, in-app subscription, and more.

If you are a small business owner, BuildFire is the perfect platform you can use to develop your app.

Its basic plan starts at $89 per month.


Anyone can create an app with the help of these platforms. In the past, it required coding skills, but now even a complete novice can build one anytime. These platforms are helpful for small businesses that want to create an app for their users and grow their business.