Author: Rajiv Patil

Blackberry Trying to Revive the Brand through BB Classic

Blackberry Classic

Today, If we run a survey of one hundred people on any street of the world about which phone they use or would prefer using for business as well as home? I am sure Blackberry would be the least checked out name on the list of Smartphones from other heavyweights like Apple, Samsung, Google, Nokia, HTC, Sony and more. Continue reading

Apple Watchkit – Everything you need to know

The most awaited product of the year may go to the Apple Watch, yes that is the name given to the masterpiece from Apple Inc. and the idea to ditch the i from all the Apple products may cost them dear, but Apple CEO Tim Cooks is quite confident of their new venture and it may just create curiosity among Apple fanboys and competitors alike. Continue reading

Things Microsoft acquired in last couple of years

Microsoft Acquisitions

Just when you think there is nothing worth noticing in the world of technology, Microsoft announces or rather surprise us with one more acquisition. Continue reading