Author: Rajiv Patil

A Quick Guide to How DoorDash Works

Even though DoorDash is only used to deliver food, according to Founder and CEO Tony Xu DoorDash wants to achieve one goal, that is, to deliver things to people right in their hands and doing it in the most efficient manner possible. DoorDash works as an app that connects local stores with the users of the app.

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Where USB C Ends and Thunderbolt 3 Begins- A New Horizon in Connectivity

With ultra-high-resolution displays entering the market every day, we are also seeing speed improvements in SSD and mechanical hard drives. New standards are hence needed to support these modern devices in laptops and devices that are always shrinking, to the point of sacrificing some connectivity.

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macOS Mojave is Now Available for All its Users to Download

Last week, Apple officially released macOS Mojave 10.14 for its users. The new operating system, macOS Mojave, has features like Dynamic Desktop, Finder Improvements, Dark Mode etc. According to Apple, the new features are inspired by its most powerful users but are designed for anyone and everyone.

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Ways in Which Gamification Can Help You Increase User Engagement


Mobile apps can be tiring and repetitive after a certain point. All of us have seen a time where we are tired of using a mobile app. This can specifically happen more in healthcare apps. It is crucial to capture the attention of users and provide them with a medium and motivation to take action, in order to engage them with an app. Gamification within the app can definitely help this.

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Zenergy: Arguably World’s First Ever Four Fold Portable Scooter


Electric bikes of all types and capabilities are sweeping the market for some time and we have too many of them in the market now. Now, it is time to ride an innovative foldable electric scooter that commuters can utilize in their day to day city life. Continue reading

Datally: A Unique Mobile Data Saving & WiFi App from Google


Concern over the data usage is common among prepaid data users. You have no control over the apps that are consuming most of your data and you cannot put a cap on the data usage for individual apps. This makes often prepaid users vulnerable to premature data exhaustion. Continue reading

Beoplay E8: An Wireless Earphone with Ultimate Audio Output


There are plenty of Bluetooth earphones on the market but unfortunately, very few of them are actually worth the hype. The Beoplay E8 broke many stereotypes with its unique design, exceptional sound output and a staggering price tag that seems a little too much for an earphone. Leave aside the price and it is one of the best Bluetooth earphones worth buying now. Continue reading

TAP Wearable Keyboard: The First Ever Wearable Keyboard and Mouse


The wearable innovations seem to know no barrier to improve our life and enhance our day to day interactions with gadgets and interfaces. The recent surprise has arrived from Tap Systems Inc. with a breakthrough wearable keyboard and mouse that seriously replaced the need to type with keystrokes on a keyboard. Continue reading

Top 5 Biometric Headphones You Can Buy

Samsung Gear IconX 2018

There are too many wearable devices out there to measure your heart rate, and though the efficiency and accuracy of many of them are still questionable, they nevertheless represent a trend for our healthy lifestyle. Continue reading

Jawku Speed: A Performance Tracker for Runners and Atheletes


While new and innovative fitness trackers for the burgeoning population of fitness freaks are continuing to thrive, most of them seem common in features and capabilities. If you give all of them an unfavorable ‘run of the mill’ stamp, we are going to introduce Jawku Speed For you. Continue reading