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Top 5 iPhone Apps in 2020

Currently, there are thousands of iOS apps available on the App Store so it becomes difficult to choose the ones which are worth trying. It can be a difficult task to find out the best apps for sending emails, weather updates, music or playing games etc whether you are a seasoned iPhone user or have recently shifted from Android to iOS smartphone. Fortunately, we at Nimblechapps have tried more apps than you can contemplate and have been using this beauty called the iPhone since its inception in 2007. We have curated a list of the top 5 iPhone apps in 2020 for you, download it and thank us later.


Zoom is a cloud based video chat app you can use to virtually connect with your loved ones or conference calls using audio or audio+video along with recording to view later. On a single conference call, you can add up to 100 participants with impeccable screen sharing and high clarity. One of the best features of Zoom is the tiled view where all participants can be seen on the screen together irrespective of the number of participants. The video calling app works on WiFi, 3G and 4G/LTE networks and has a safe mode feature which can be enabled while driving.

Try now: Zoom


Due to lockdown many people lost their jobs and have used their phones to create new business ventures from their home. Darkroom is one such photo editor app for iPhone which is highly user friendly, sleek and efficient. Once you start using Darkroom, it is guaranteed to be a permanent app on your iPhone. Darkroom has easy to use cropping tools and adjustment sliders to bring out the best from your pictures. The best part: you can save your work directly to the camera roll (which can be reversed when needed) or export final pictures. After using Darkroom you will realise that photo editing can be effortless yet fun.

Try now: Darkroom


Once again, due to lockdown people started turning their focus towards a healthy lifestyle with good exercise and diet goals. MyFitnessPal is the magic genie that helps you achieve your goals by tracking what you eat. Calorie tracking is always tricky based on portion sizes and complexity of counting calories of home cooked meals. MyFitnessPal makes it easy by adding a barcode scanner, a food database and recipe database. Additionally, you can also save your regular meals as favorites and save time. This makes it easy to track your goals and stay on track. In the end, the goal is to make you understand how calorie intake affects your body.

Try now: MyFitnessPal


How often does it happen that you download an app, sign up and forget the login details the next day? Well, now there’s an app which can store your login details. 1Password, an iCloud Keychain is used to store login IDs/passwords and critical payment information. The best part: 1Password is a standalone app and hence data security is not an issue. You can easily download it and use Face ID or Touch ID to browse your login details on the go. You can use the free version for 30 days after which you will have to subscribe at $3.99 per month. That is a small price to pay for the most important app which protects your details to other apps and websites.

Try now: 1Password


This pandemic has given us time to rethink and make some new habits. Whether it is going for a run or just remembering to eat healthy or taking care of plants, Habitify helps you to remember and the new habits and actually form habits. The interface is pretty simple, just create the habit, name it and select date and time, Habitify will do the rest for you. It will remind you when it’s time to complete the habit and analyse data based on how often you do it. It is noteworthy to buy a premium version for $5 a month of $40 for unlimited lifetime access.

Try now: Habitify

In this piece, we have included a list of our favourite iPhone apps which we used during the lockdown. We would encourage you to download these apps and play around with them, let us know in the comments about the apps which you have used during the lockdown.

Top 5 Android 10 Features You Should Know About

Android 10 disembarked its journey on popular phones and tablets, including Google Pixel devices (Google’s flagship smartphones), Samsung Galaxy series, One Plus smartphones etc to begin with and later was available for mid-range and older smartphones and tablets. Most Android updates of the past usually had dessert themed names in alphabetical order. However, they are given codenames prior to launch. For example, Android Pie was Android P and its predecessor Android Oreo was Android O. This year, we had Android Q. However, Google has thankfully decided to ditch numbers and go with numbers, beginning with Android 10.

With your initial boot of Android 10, you would not be very elated to notice any major changes and it was meant to be that way. Android’s appearance and feel really only change in a limited way with this update. There are really major improvements hidden away but there are significant changes to the user side of the experience which are noteworthy. The new Android 10 update boasts a ton of novel features from an exciting dark mode (saviour of battery life) to live caption and better notification controls. Now, if you have purchased a brand new Android phone or just recently updated and are looking for ways to take advantage of the new features, we are here to guide you through the best Android 10 features that you should be using today:

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is my personal favourite feature among all the new features as it enables Android 10 users to darken everything from apps to settings and notifications. The Dark Mode is Godsent as it helps to save your battery and looks classy and doesn’t strain the eyes. 

Here is how you can turn the dark mode on:

  1. Go to Settings > Display
  2. Toggle on “Dark theme”.

You can also check your Setting menu on the top and can access a dark mode switch. However, you will need to click on the pencil icon in the lower-left corner of the settings menu to find this new feature.

Live Caption

Google developed Live Caption to make Android more accessible for commoners. This feature will live-caption any video being played on your device even with no internet connection. In order to activate this feature, you just need to play a video and press a volume button. The volume slider bar shows up with a caption button at the bottom which you can tap and then move the caption by dragging it around the screen. The Live Caption feature was only available on Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL to begin with and was later made available on the rest of the Pixel smartphones. 

Gesture Navigation

Gesture navigation is something which Google had been trying to implement since long and finally rolled out with the Android 10 update and we couldn’t be more happier. With Android 10, Google got rid of the dependency on the back button – the conventional navigation feature. Moreover, the Android 10 update includes a full set of gestures to enable the users to move beyond buttons. However, gesture navigation is an optional functionality as per Google. On Pixel smartphones, you can enable the setting by following these steps : Go to Settings > System > Gestures > System navigation and choose Gesture navigation from the options provided.

Efficient Notification Manager

When it comes to managing notifications, Android 10 does a good job of providing options like Silent (Do not disturb equivalent) and Alerting (where you will get a sound with each new notification). Now, before you wonder why this is such an important feature, let us tell you why. The idea behind this feature is to allow the user to manage their notifications as and when they come from the home screen itself without having to navigate through to Settings and change notification settings. 

Limit Location Access

Have you ever thought about how many apps request you to allow location access to the point that it gets annoying and serves no purpose. With this feature in Android 10, the user has the capability to stop apps from obtaining your location when not in use. There are many apps like Facebook and Instagram that invade your privacy when you don’t change this setting. You can now change location to “Allow only while using the app” by going to Privacy settings.

If you haven’t updated your phone to Android 10, you can do that easily by going to Settings > System > Advanced > System update. If the update is available, it will only take a few minutes to install but if it is not available yet, you might need to wait longer for it. Android 10 update is upto the discretion of your phone manufacturer and hence it may take a few weeks to months before you receive this update unless you are using Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy smartphones. 

How will 5G change the landscape of mobile app development in 2020 ?

4G mobile technology has presented breathtaking experiences to mobile users like fast internet surfing, HD video streaming, smooth and dependable video conferencing (imagine COVID-19 global crisis in the times of 2G?) and gaming. Every ten years, mobile technology takes a huge leap into the future and now it is time to welcome 5G mobile technology. Mobile companies and telecommunication giants are about to take a leap of faith from 4G to 5G and we are happy to discuss the impact it would have on mobile app development. It also offers a whole lot of possibilities for end users which were unthinkable of in times of 3G or 4G technology.

Faster internet speed (a driving force making life easier for users) is one of the advantages for end users amongst other benefits. 5G is a revolutionary concept and till the last two-three years nobody would have imagined that life could faster beyond 4G, but 5G is here to transform the internet. One of the early enthusiasts of the revolutionary 5G technology is mobile app developers and we are about to witness a huge disruption of fifth generation in mobile application development in 2020.

What is 5G technology?

The 5G technology is the fifth generation mobile network that promises upto 20 times faster connectivity than the current 4G LTE network. The fifth generation technology allows a novel kind of network tailored to virtually connect everything together including a host of IoT devices. Basically, the 5G network technology employs a higher frequency bandwidth to enable a much faster data transfer ability compared to other low frequency variants. With 5G, mobile users will be able to view content on higher resolution and get access to uninterrupted connectivity throughout the world. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, we thought so too. 

How will 5G impact mobile app development in 2020 -2021?

Before mobile app developers start creating an app, they think about the devices and networks the app will be used on. The app is then developed keeping these standards in mind for the app to run smoothly on devices alike. Here are some of the best features of 5G that app developers can keep in mind before they start working on this technology:

Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication: 

Ultra reliable low latency communication or URLLC is one of the most important features of 5G where data transfer happens in real time with negligible lag. Low latency communication helps to reduce page load times significantly and end users can have a better experience using mobile sites. However, URLLC is most beneficial while operating heavy machinery or say while performing a remote surgery as a negligible delay can prove costly. The fifth generation technology claims to reduce this delay from 50 milliseconds in 4G LTE to 1 millisecond which is remarkable. 

Enhanced Mobile Broadband: 

Due to higher speed, mobile app developers can create more appealing apps and offer breathtaking interfaces ultimately providing a much better user experience. Moreover, it will go beyond higher speed to provide a seamless user experience by enabling 360 degree video stream, appealing AR and VR applications to name a few. Embb is focused solely to cater to the user market and rising need to provide higher video quality, engaging users through the app in real time without having to use a public wi-fi for example at a music concert or a sporting event. The idea is to provide a streaming experience which is better and advanced than the current 4G LTE service.

Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC):

Before we dig deeper into mMTC, let us simplify what mMTC is in layman terms. mMTC is a type of data communication between systems without human dependency. Internet of things (IoT) devices usually do not require a faster internet connection, however it is still dependent on the fifth generation network. 5G promises to offer mMTC and is solely focused on IoT devices run by a fast internet connection. By using this feature, mobile app developers can easily uplift their app game to the next level.

Benefits to mobile apps:

The first and foremost benefit of 5G is super fast internet speed to enable end users to download apps within a couple of seconds, stream high quality video without annoyance of buffering. It will enable faster file transfer and money transfer within seconds anywhere in the world. Lastly, 5G will help mobile app developers provide ultimate user experience to end users. 

Sony unveils PlayStation5 for late 2020 release

This week Sony finally confirmed what the PlayStation 5 would look like. With PS5 console, it also unveiled the most awaited trailers of games to be launched with the new PS5 console. The PlayStation 5 gaming console has a suave white and black design. It will also include a new DualSense controller in the box. The event was earlier rescheduled due to the outcry taking place across the United States after the death of George Floyd.

The latest PlayStation gaming console will be released in two versions, one is the classic edition that comes with an Ultra HD blu-ray disc drive while the second is a digital variant which is not included with an optical disc drive. This stylish new PS5 is a vertical console, just like Microsoft’s Xbox Series X whereas the second variant looks considerably slimmer than the classic editions all thanks to the removal of the optical drive.

PlayStation5 Design and Specifications

You must be wondering that if the new PS5 comes without a drive, it must be cheaper right?  Well, Sony is playing it smart at the moment due to the COVID-19 crisis and has refrained from releasing the price just yet. However, there is a strong indication that digital edition (due to lack of optical drive) will be cheaper than the classic edition and it also gives us an indication of a digital ecosystem Sony is about to create and the future of gaming.

Sony has also given a list of accessories with PlayStation 5 console, which includes a DualSense charging station, a new high definition camera, a Pulse 3D wireless headgear and a media remote. Just like the PlayStation 5 pricing, Sony has left us wondering about the price of the accessories too. However, the accessories are supposed to be released along with the PS5 gaming consoles.

Just like Microsoft, Sony too has been gradually establishing more information about the next generation PS5 in coming months. The gaming console is supposedly coming to the stores just in time for the holidays in late 2020. The PS5 console is operated on an eight core AMD Zen 2 central processing unit and a customer AMD RDNA 2 based GPU. Sony revealed the PS5 specs in March and the custom AMD chips will supply 10.28 TF of power. This will be in accordance with variable frequencies on the GPU and CPU. Faster loading times is a necessity for gaming and hence Sony is using a proprietary SSD solution to pump up the load times for games on the new PS5 consoles. This new SSD will be able to provide 825 gigabytes of storage space and 5.5 gigabytes/sec performance with finesse. 

Sony’s Plan for Release and Pricing

On April 7th, Sony announced the PS5’s DualSense controller which features haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. There is also a novel create button to share gameplay content with your buddies. Just like the previous DualShock controllers, the D pad and buttons will stay on top half of the DualSense controller followed by two analog sticks at the bottom. The DualSense controller also has a center mounted touchpad and a revamped light bar that sits on each side of the touchpad.

There is good news for PS4 users too, the new PS5 console will support more than 4,000 PS4 existing titles. In the event this week, Sony also mentioned some of the games to be launched on PS5 like Spider-Man Miles Morales, GTA5, Resident Evil Village and many more. 

Sony has advised that the release date of the PS5 is due in the holiday season of 2020.  As we have seen the design and specifications now, can we skip to the end of 2020 to get a hands on experience of this beauty? We will do a write up about the price and games to be released on the PS5 in detail in the later part of 2020.

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