Author: Nisarg Shah

LifePrint Makes Your Photos Special Again

Life Print

LifePrint is an App. It is a worldwide social printer network. It also works as a portable printer that provides unmatched photo experience. Create Augmented Reality photos, then instantly print those photos directly from your Apple or Android smartphone. Continue reading

Protect Your Home With The New Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock

Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock
Who needs old-fashioned keys when we have the Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock. With the Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock, you get a choice of PIN, key fob, card or smartphone entry, so you never have to worry about getting locked out again. In case your PIN is leaked or your physical entry methods are stolen, you can quickly bar access without having to replace any locks. Continue reading

Spinneroo Is A Smart And Interactive Fidget Spinner


Spinneroo is a hand spinner, designed to help focus attention, increase creativity and keep fidgeting fingers busy. The programmable LEDs keeps creativity flowing and the Bluetooth speaker will keep you entertained. Continue reading

ZING: Smart Path Lighting

ZING- Smart Path Lighting

Zing is an intelligent path lighting system for your home. Each It is an awesome, full-color, plug-in night light. It comes with smartphone control and light effects and also includes automatic blue light reduction to help you sleep better. It is packed with connectivity options (Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi). Continue reading

Sonnet: An Off-the-Grid Communication Device


Your phone is dependent on the mobile network. They can’t keep you connected when the mobile network is unavailable. In cases when network is unavailable or has very sparse coverage or is very expensive to use. Continue reading

Wynd Is The New Smartest Air Purifier For Your Personal Space

Wynd Is The New Smartest Air Purifier For Your Personal Space

Wynd is a smart air purifier. It is portable and cleans air effectively. It continuously monitors air quality. Wynd creates a bubble of clean air around you by removing dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution from the air you breathe. Whether that’s in your office, home, hotel, or car… or anywhere else you go. Continue reading

Unyte: Calms You Through Interactive Meditation


Interactive meditation is a relaxation program. It makes use of breathing techniques, immersive experiences, and real-time feedback. This helps you gain more awareness of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical state. Continue reading

The Top 5 Pet Trackers of 2017

Whistle 3

Our pets are not just our pets, they are more than that. They are our family members. We all like to take good care of our pets. And we want that the pet receives the same care when we are not around. But work and other social obligations often drive you away from your pet and you have to leave them alone for a while. Continue reading

Ozmo Smart Bottle And Water App Inspires You To Stay Hydrated

Ozmo Smart Bottle

Ozmo Smart Bottle and Water App is a complete system designed to help you achieve a greater level of wellness. It has the ability to measure and record both your water and coffee consumption, The smart bottle and companion app track your progress throughout the day. This way it helps you reach your hydration goals. Continue reading

Top 5 Drones Of 2017

DJI Phantom 4

Drones are one of the coolest innovations in the recent times. Anyone would agree to that even they can’t really justify buying one. Now there are various types of drones. Some of them maybe useful just for fun and are only used as tech toys, while there are other that focus on imaging and cinematic applications. Continue reading