Author: Nisarg Shah

Notcha: The Innovative Way to Hide The Notch of iPhone X

Notch of iPhone X

iPhone X just bowled us out with its all-screen flashy look the very moment it appeared on commercials. But soon, in the nearly zero bezel phone the topmost notch grabbed our attention. Practically, it is where the speaker and the front camera to detect Face ID are tucked in. Continue reading

Epson ProSense Outshines All Other GPS Running Watches


Few years before Epson came out with its running watch with several first of its kind features. But before we were really awestruck several problems with its performance were surfaced. Since then, the company was putting its efforts to come with a better GPS running watch capable to silence the critics and competitors alike. Continue reading

mVoice G2: World’s First Smartwatch With Voice Control And Full Display Packed In An Appealing Analog Design

mVoice G2

Smartwatches have seen not a petty evolution all through these few years since it hugged the wrists of geeks and tech enthusiasts as the first smart wearable. But there were always more to come and our expectations of them never stopped. From becoming an extended interface of smartphones to allowing more apps and more actions like this their mobile counterparts, they continued to evolve. Continue reading

OnePlus5T: An All-Screen Smart Move From The Ace Chinese Mobile Brand


OnePlus 5T, the much talked about smartphone from the ace Chinese mobile brand is likely to be the first of its kind, all-screen handheld. Though it can be referred as an upgrade to the present OnePlus 5, it is loaded with several plus sides worth giving it a place among the top advanced smartphones in the market. Continue reading

Nebula Mars Portable Cinema

Nebula Mars

If you have browsed USB battery packs brands online you are very likely to hear the name of Anker. This Chinese accessory maker continued to grow big with its ambition of making its foray into all categories of consumer electronics and ecosystem of gadgets. Continue reading

Front Row FR Wearable Camera: Impressive Way To Capture Life Around


Almost everybody enquiries over camera when talking about an upcoming smartphone. Yes, taking pics through our handheld device has already taken over majority of daily-life photographic endeavours. But this seemingly endless rendezvous with smartphone camera can soon be over thanks to a new breed of smart wearable camera. Continue reading

Top 5 Awesome Apps Made Possible With ARKit


IKEA Place

iOS 11 arrived with a bang loaded with too many new and breakthrough features and tools. iOS 11 as of now is the most revolutionary iOS version offering almost a paradigm shift for the app developers of the platform. Continue reading

Pimax 8K: Redefining The VR Headset Views

Pimax 8K

VR headsets in spite of rising in popularity still did not become so much mainstream as they were expected to be. The biggest pulling factors for most VR gadgets have been less than the satisfactory field of views and motion sickness. Adjusting to the natural views and optical perception of objects has been the biggest challenge so far for the majority of VR headsets. Continue reading

Fuel 3D Scanify Scanner: An All-Round 3D Scanner

Fuel 3D Scanify Scanner

A UK-based manufacturer of 3D capturing technologies, Fuel 3D, just recently released a new 3D printer. The Scanify is an interesting product. It is very different from other scanners. And although it’s marketed as an all-round 3D scanner, it’s only usable for a few specific purposes. Continue reading

Dell Visor: It’s Comfortable, Unlike Other Headsets


This week Dell announced Visor. Microsoft had teased about the development of an affordable VR headset made by its partner that includes Dell. Microsoft is calling it Mixed Reality. There are cameras on the front of the headsets. These cameras could theoretically allow for something like an experience halfway between AR and VR. Continue reading