Author: Nisarg Shah

Mobile App Testing: What You Must Follow

Quality check is a step just as important as any other step in the app development process. The rigorous testing of new apps is a big part in development. Developers can write a good code, but a lot of time they are not able to test the same code effectively. Then there’s something happening in the app when the end user is using it.

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Fixed Cost vs Hourly Rate: Which One is Better for Your Project?

The first thing you do after hiring a software development company is signing a billing contract. The billing contract also mentions the price you pay for getting the project developed. The price of a project is developed depending on several different aspects like the type of project, number of hours, technologies etc. There are two major modules in this case: Fixed Price and Hourly Rate.

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Top 5 Mobile App Frameworks of 2018

At the time of starting the development process of an app, the main question that developers are faced with is- Which would be the perfect framework for the mobile app development? We are going to talk about some of the most popular frameworks for web development. Today we have in front of us almost half a dozen mobile app development frameworks that can prove to be suitable for development.

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Microsoft Windows 10’s October Updates: What’s new, What’s Wrong?

There have been reports about some missing files on Windows system after the updates were made. This has made Microsoft put a hold on rolling out the latest Windows 10 OS update. Recently, Microsoft made an announcement on its support page about putting a pause on the distribution of the Windows 10 October update after there were reports of users missing their files after the software update.

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Certain Myths About Full Stack Developers We Need to Get Rid Of

A full stack developer is not easy to find and a good full stack developer is irreplaceable. They can single-handedly change an application’s look and performance. A lot of job postings recently have “full-stack developer” mentioned in the profile. A person who can do it all on his own. The developer is an expert at front-end frameworks like Java, Python, C# etc, with years of mobile experience on both iOS and Android.

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7 Ways 5G Will Change Business and Marketing

It is said that companies like Verizon will start deploying 5G by the end of this year. For those who are not aware, 5G is a wireless networking technology that allows connection speed up to 10 Gbps or up to 100 times faster than 4G LTE. In the beginning, it will only be deployed for fixed residential connections. It will soon be widespread for mobiles too.

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Lofree Four Seasons: Unique Keyboard with a Retro Style

Lofree Keyboard

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Top 5 Chicest Tech Gifts to Buy for your Lady This Holiday Season


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Funxim: The Beautiful Wireless Charging Mat for Your iPhone and Apple Watch


Wireless charging is the trend of the day and most of the latest flagship smartphones are equipped with this. But all iPhones still do not comes packed with wireless charger but all of them invariably supports wireless charging. Continue reading

FingerPow: A Unique Low Footprint Portable Charging System


Smartphones are irreplaceable from daily life, can we ignore this truth? Naturally, we cannot travel anywhere without our smartphone. Continue reading