Author: Nisarg Shah

The Top Five Incredible Features of Windows 10

Windows 10

With the advent of Windows 10 looming in our near future, and we get to be free from the Windows 8 travesty that blocked our systems for long enough. Continue reading

Now, You Can Self-Destruct Sent Mails with Dmail


With people living busy lives, face-to-face communication has paved the way for online communication. Emails, instant messaging apps, video and audio calls over Internet have gained momentum over the years. Continue reading

Astell & Kern AK Jr. – The Smallest High-Definition Music Player with Stunning Realism

Astell & Kern AK Jr

The AK Jr Portable High Definition Music Player is a magnificent music player from Astell & Kern and actually a portable audio system that is capable of awesome sound quality worthy of a studio. Continue reading

Top Five Apps that won Apple Design Award 2015

Top Five Apps that won Apple Design Award 2015

Apple Design Awards are bestowed on the apps that are unique and revolutionary in their design, functionality and features. The winners are acclaimed apps that are complete in more ways than one.

Continue reading Aiming for the Stars!


Modern technological innovations and the eCommerce boom has made the online shopping space cluttered. Millions of companies worldwide are taking the eCommerce route and offering products online to boost their revenue.

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WifiMapper – The All New Hotspot Mapper App from OpenSignal


With OpenSignal performing phenomenally in crowdsourcing information on mobile network coverage for a long time now, for both iOS and android apps, it has now diversified into various other fields such as weather reporting and now Wi-Fi hotspots. Continue reading

Scratch App – Your Personal Shopping Assistant

Scratch App

The Internet has transformed lives in unimaginable ways. From letting people search for information online to booking the latest movie tickets, from shopping online to letting people plan their holidays – the Internet has made everything possible. Continue reading

bPay Band – Payments now became easier!

bPay Band

Technology has revolutionized the world in several ways. New and innovative systems are thronging the marketplace, with every person wanting to own the latest gadget. One such technology that everyone is talking about today is wearables. Continue reading

This Milk Foam Printer is Known to Create Artistic “ Coffee Ripples ”


3D printing enthusiasts have a new surface to work with. Coffee lovers all over the world now can have messages in their latte, when they offer it to someone they know. Continue reading

Pacemaker for Apple Devices – Your Pocket DJ


For all those who already have iTunes, there is now the Pacemaker for you to create your very own mix – and that too instantly. You love music and you have a thing about making it? Continue reading