AI and Web Development (Part 2 of 2): 7 Leading Web Builders Powered by AI

In Part 1 of this article on AI and web development, the impacts of AI on web development is mentioned. One of these significant impacts is AI-powered web builders that elevates website design processes dramatically. 

Through also known as Artificial Design Intelligence ADI systems, the usually complicated, time-consuming, prone to human error process of User Interface (UI) design process is streamlined. 

It has changed the way web developers create and maintain websites and applications, both for desktop and mobile. 

Here are 7 of the best and leading web builders powered by AI shaking the web development industry today. 

7 Web Builders Powered by Artificial Intelligence

  • Wix ADI


Wix ADI designs customize websites to precisely what the client needs. It learns the targets and needs of the business and the people using the site. With a few simple questions, Wix ADI can build a website aptly suited for and representing its client. 

There is a plethora of themes and designs of high-quality and stunning combinations or possibilities. Through this AI-powered web builder, the optimal design is matched with perfect content to create a unique, dynamic, and robust website in minutes. Wix prides itself on that no two sites ever end up looking the same. Beyond amazing designs, Wix ADI gathers relevant content across the web and social media that users can use as-is or customize.

With the Wix ADI system, beautiful websites are easy to achieve in no time, without coding involved. So whether the web developer has expertise or not, they can create a full-featured website. 

Almost everything on the ADI system can be customized, from colors to font sizes and more. Users can also add animations to a specific page or the whole website in just a few clicks. 

Indeed, it is one of the best AI-based website builder. No wonder it is a trusted authority tool that both professionals and beginners use. It offers maximum convenience and usability at high speeds. That is crucial in website development. Wix ADI is straightforward, simple, and intuitive to use for all designers and web developers of varying expertise.

Here are some more of Wix ADI’s remarkable features:

Simple Website Development: it is possible to create and launch a website with Wix ADI in half an hour to less than an hour. It uses simple, extremely user-friendly guidelines to complete different tasks of web development. 

Detailed Guidelines: it has an informative step-by-step tutorial, based on the user’s choices and answers submitted at the start of creating the project. 

Automated Website Creation Process: has a set of questions wherein the answers will be the basis for developing your unique website. The questions include the type of website needed, the required features, business name, location, contact information including social networks, and the like. 

Quick Project Customization: Even right after you publish a website or make it public, you can quickly modify its content or add details.

  • AIDA from Bookmark

AIDA from Bookmark

Bookmark offers an amazing AI-powered website builder it dubbed as AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant). It is also perfect for web developers that have little to no expertise in coding. The system is mainly designed to develop company websites, eCommerce stores, business portfolios, and responsive design pages.

Through AIDA, web developers can create custom websites and have them up and running within a couple of minutes. Through AI, the software makes a unique design catered to the needs of the business and its audience.

Users need to indicate their type of business, and the options are specific, numbering to about 650 choices. But once you have stated your niche or business type, AIDA can now create personal portfolios, business websites, eCommerce stores to begin with. 

After you tell the business type and the name, the AI behind the software takes care of the rest of the details and processes that happen to build your site in no time.

Developers now need to edit the images and content generated by AIDA. You can create a different version should you want another option, or if you are doing A/B testing on your website. 

Aida also has a drag-and-drop technology with state-of-the-art, AI-based web design of high-end, feature-rich projects. Even newbies can do web design like a pro with the help of AIDA. 

Some of this AI-powered web builder include: 

Quick and User-Friendly Design: Users start with “AIDA, SHOW ME HOW” and begin answering a couple of questions, pick a niche among its 750 options, layout preference, and design style. After you input your business name, AIDA uses all the data you provided to come up with a unique design in about 30 seconds.

Automated Web Development: AIDA automatically creates your website with blocks or “focuses.” It also chooses the aptest color palette and design customization elements. After this stage, the user is redirected to the editor, where the AI then adds impressive animations in real-time mode and completed the functional blocks to the pages of the website. 

Hints and Guidelines: The AIDA system gives hints on how web developers can effectively modify web pages and sections, replace content, modify positions of modules on website pages, set SEO parameters, and complete other tasks needed for the outcome. 

Unique Template Variability: With AiDAyou do not just get a ready-made template but an individual template variability giving you access to versatile responsive integrated themes. 

HTML Code Embedding: This AI-powered web builder comes with  HTML code embedding, which allows web developers to make and publish unique, customizable projects. 

Bookmark comes with no cost but comes in a subdomain. Web developers can also upgrade to either of its two paid plans that can be billed annually or monthly.  

  • Adobe XD

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a mighty tool for UI/UX web design. Web designers and developers can create wireframes, user flows, high-fidelity designs, animations, interactive prototypes, to name a few, all without the need to switch between multiple apps. It is a fast, easy-to-use, and powerful web builder, designed for designers and developers of any experience or expertise. Some of Adobe XD’s impressive and topnotch features include Responsive Resize, Repeat Grid, and Auto-Animate. 

This AI-powered tool is a fast and free tool for collaborative UX and UI design needed for web building. Here are some of the many other features of the Adobe XD:

Design unique experiences: Web builders can create basic wireframes and progress to beautiful designs fast. Select customized user interfaces using colors, vector drawing tools, character styles, grids, guides, to name a few. 

Build design elements for reuse in an XD document or many documents. You can also directly edit in Photoshop from XD and create content-aware layouts that recognize the relationships between different elements of your build and makes adjustments automatically as designs are modified.

Build prototypes that bring experiences to life: Transform conventional and static templates to rich experience for users, such as interfaces, motion, and movement. Web builders can interconnect artboards, enable triggers for touch gestures, and preview experiences on mobile devices downloaded with the XD mobile app. So, every time web builders modify something on the desktop, they can test its mobile-responsiveness and appeal right away on mobile devices. 

Aside from this, web builders and designers can export designs and to Adobe After Effects for more animation inputs. 

Intended to improve team collaboration: Keep everybody in step and work well alongside fellow designers. Have stakeholders review and critique projects. And exchange design specifications that offer developers all they need to start coding.

Some of its new or beta features are coediting on the same document simultaneously and adding design tokens. It also has stacks now that set the spacing between objects consistently throughout the build, and scroll groups that define areas in your scrollable designs like image carousels, chat windows, and activity feeds. 


  • Sacha from Firedrop

Sacha from Firedrop

Firedrop has Sacha AI software, which is used to build web pages as compared to entire websites. Web builders can use this AI-powered platform to create whole sites without having to do it a page at a time. Instead of using drag-and-drop builders, web builders talk to Sacha through live chat. It is a perfect AI-powered web builder for those who like simple and customized landing pages. 

Firedrop guarantees automatic site creation and editing. Web builders only need to identify their niche, and the Sacha virtual assistant can lead to the most suitable combinations. Web builders can connect pieces manually and put content with a user-friendly editor. 

  • Leia, the Artificial Intelligence Website Builder


Leia is an AI-powered web builder system that enables the launching and managing of clean custom-made projects from scratch and completed within a minute or so. Beautiful and responsive websites for all businesses is now possible with the likes of the Leia system. 

The web builders provide the details about the project so the AI can choose design and performance tasks that will match the description of the business and its needs. Leia automatically creates the website based on those user inputs. This AI design tool can design independently, code, and publish the project live. The other features of Leia include:

One-of-a-kind web design: Leia ensures an intuitive web design process and enables users to create personalized web designs as well so that projects launched are unique every time. 

Voice commands or prompts: Leia begins to work on the web building process with the user’s voice command. Users specify the type of website that needs to be built. This AI system then selects the best template and style based on those choices. The system allows entering business details manually if you can’t use the voice command option. 

Intuitive web building/designing: Before the start of any build, the system generates some questions to get as many details about the business as possible. Providing detailed answers help the AI-powered design system determine how your web design should be. Even without experience, you can build websites expertly

  • Weblium


Weblium is an intuitive AI-powered web builder that enables you to build websites fast, whether with coding or design skills. Create high-quality, visually appealing, and mobile-friendly sites like a pro and in no time. 

It allows web builders to go online fast to start running their online business and engaging with future clients. With Weblium, quickly promote your business, create your portfolio, start a project, blog, and more. Weblium has more than 250 ready-to-use templates that you can quickly modify to ass sections and content. Other features include: 

Smart design supervisor: Our built-in smart design supervisor seamlessly updates the visual interface when you change templates and blocks. 

Mobile-friendly and unique: Our built-in smart design supervisor seamlessly updates the visual interface when you change templates and blocks. 

Technical complexity is eliminated: No need to worry about hosting, domain, SSL security certificate, software updates, and other technical aspects so you can concentrate on web building than its maintenance.

Open to search engines: The website can get more engagements, leads, and potential customers with advanced search engine optimization settings. 

It also has an image library, styles manager, built-in integrations, and various marketing tools to track website performance quickly. These tools also help users boost their integration with external or third-party services with free analytic tools. This AI design tool also has custom forms, shared editing, and 24/7 customer support. It has a free basic plan and paid plans—Pro (personal use) and Landing Pro (lifetime, good for 3 pages).


  • B12


B12 is an AI-powered web builder and designer perfect for small businesses. This AI tool will also design a free draft of the website for your business, so you can get a foretaste of how B12 is revolutionizing web design.

B12 uses human-assisted AI to create elegant and useful websites in at par with agency-quality without the agency price tag. It all starts with a free draft where users tell B12 a few information regarding your business so the AI can build a mockup in minutes. 

When you choose to go with the draft, the AI them further customizes web building to meet the set business goals. The websites that get published by B12 are optimized for desktop use and mobile viewing experiences. New websites can be launched in just two weeks, which is a quarter of the turnaround time for traditional web design agencies.

After they build your website, B12 also hosts it, with unlimited bandwidth and storage provision, plus a custom domain name. B12’s AI also gives monthly analytics reports and makes suggestions for changes to optimize web performance.

Conclusion: AI-powered Web Builder is the Norm of the Future

Currently, website builder apps’ artificial intelligence is in its early development. In a year or so, full-featured AI solutions from leading tech companies will be available. These systems can search for data, interpret it, anticipate and continue to engage in the website creation phase even after its release.

Other innovative technologies will arrive in the immediate future, such as cloud-based storage and servers, dynamic networks with smart management systems and self-teaching/self-organizing capabilities, and innovative, intelligent marketing. 

One thing is for sure, AI-powered web building is a phenomenon that will become the future standard of web development. If you need any assistance with AI powered web development, you can contact us for more information.

AI and Web Development (Part 1 of 2): Impacts of AI to Web Development

Web development is rising steadily and exceeding expectations. The rise is brought about as the industry responds to growing consumer demands for an enhanced experience and unique content. Consumers, regardless of niche or target market, have an insatiable demand for fresh experiences. Web design, overall content, and user interface need to improve continually. It is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is becoming a critical part of web development. Through AI, web developers can keep up with increasing consumer demands. 

Through AI, web developers can provide innovative and smart web applications. AI also helps with the creation of data-driven content that can genuinely add value to consumer’s lives. 

AI technology can also help in improving website design, interface, and search abilities. With AI, developer-related tasks can be automated, so web developers can better manage inventory, improve visitor interaction, and provide a personalized user experience. Accurate targeting of leads and consumers in digital marketing campaigns is achieved better with AI-driven web development. 

Facebook and Google have recently released AI tool-kits that has made it possible for small enterprise to use AI in their web application. These AI tool0kits come with preinstalled plugins like the natural learning process and machine learning. So, even web developers with little to no AI expertise do not need to code in AI language to continue to code with familiar API and tools. 

Truly, Artificial Intelligence is impacting web development in leaps and bounds. Experts say that AI will grow into a $118.6-billion strong industry by 2025.

Here are key highlights of how Artificial Intelligence technology impacts web development. 

Major Impacts of AI on Web Development

ADI Systems Revolutionize Web Development

Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) systems revolutionize the design of websites. User Interface (UI) usually is a complex design process that requires a lot of effort to be unique and relevant. The process is not only complex and resource-intensive but also vulnerable to errors. 

In theory, ADI is a technology that uses machine learning to make websites on its own via machine learning. Web developers put desired inputs, and then the AI takes over to create professional designs in no time. 

The power of AI can simplify the process to allow designers to make applications more functional and improve user experience.

The AI supports designers in the decision-making process, especially those related to design, layout, content, and branding. Real-time design suggestions also make the design process simpler, bot for aspiring web designers, and those that are known experts in their field. 

For instance, the Grid is a web design software running on AI. It is one of the first integrations of AI and web development. The software helps web designers create need-based, modern, and customized websites that meet the most current consumer demands,  business activity, or designer preference. 

Other AI innovators like Adobe, Wix, Firedrop, Squarespace, Tailor Brands, and Bookmark, are among the leading technology companies integrating AI in web development. 

Enhanced User-Experience

Consumer behavior is driving technological advancements and vice versa. AI is bringing a significant momentum to tech innovations, better serving the growing needs of consumers. 

AI brings advanced User Interface (UI), and User Experience (UX) features that improve a site’s UI/UX design. When UI/UX design is topnotch, the needs of customers are accurately identified and met. in a better way. 

AI also helps web developers measure, with cognitive analysis and environments, insights that give a clear picture of the customer’s experience with your products and services.

Data-driven statistical analytics can also help businesses predict future user experience to reduce errors and achieve maximum value for the consumers. 

AI-powered websites can also process data and information on any scale, predict or identify consumer’s interests so they can provide the best p[possible solutions, products, and services for their end-users.

AI-Powered Chatbots will Help Online Businesses Save

AI-powered chatbots allow better reply predictions, elevating user experience, and engagement. Chatbots simulate real conversations and adapt responses with actions accordingly. Websites can improve visitor participation by responding to queries, commenting, and assistance.

Data encryption, behavior analysis, and multi-factor authentication are AI techniques that securely power chatbot communication. Likewise, technology can be used to create innovative websites or web-enabled devices to link people’s activity to technology powerfully.

Indeed, AI has revolutionized traditional web design and enhanced user interaction with websites. AI-based apps have also redefined chatbot communication that can respond with human-like answers. 

Chatbot technology today is based on advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) that produce meaningful conversations. 

More Powerful Web Design Diagnostic Tools through AI

AI also works as a precision diagnostic tool, aside from improving the functionality and user experience of web design. Due to rapidly changing trends, and stringent search engine requirements, web design quality is now crucial to the success of websites.

Apart from quality design, AI also helps ensure that websites are routinely checked and maintained the loading and slowing down website performance.

Assessment of designs is also enabled with AI-powered analytics tools so web developers can track real-time performance and insights. It removes the need for A/B tests to get better design results. 

Diagnostic web design tools can also be used in the design, validation, and testing of various data. Without human input, the capacity of the collected data can also be calculated. AI eliminates tedious procedures to create, analyze, or modify a program. 

AI-based testing devices may also be used to evaluate the website’s visual code, monitor the webpage’s behavior, and enhance the page’s aesthetics.

Conclusion: AI Augments the Potentials of Web Development

Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM, says that AI is more of augmented intelligence. Designers need not worry that AI and machines will replace them. AI provides augmented intelligence that designers and developers must leverage to achieve great websites. When designers co-create with AI, their creativity can be enhanced further and faster. 

At the heart of every trend and innovation in web development is to provide better services for both website owners and end consumers. With AI, web development can further push boundaries in terms of optimization, speed, quality, and costs to provide the most value to consumers and investment returns to website owners. 

Best Apps for Small Businesses in 2020

Small businesses are in a vulnerable position this year. Many businesses have been closed due to the pandemic coupled with stringent social distancing measures. But all hope is not lost. Small businesses that have learned to adapt are still surviving. Surprisingly, some are even thriving amid the crisis. 

Most businesses have moved their businesses online to keep operating. Small business owners need online tools to help them in problem-solving, managing employees, contacting customers, digital marketing, finance management, and the like.

Owners of small businesses are searching for ways to increase productivity as they compete with industry giants, often with fewer resources and workforce.

And despite the pandemic, customers still deserve the best customer experience. The best small business apps can help you achieve this.

The best small business apps help boost productivity and make your life as a small business owner more efficient and comfortable. There is an application for nearly everything these days, including organising ideas to sending invoices to tracking time and creating a job schedule and so much more. 

Here are 7 apps that can help small businesses be productive. 

7 Apps Small Businesses Must Have


  • Microsoft 365

There are many various office software solutions, but despite the fierce competition, Microsoft’s Office 365, now known as Microsoft 365, is still the leading suite and must-have for small business and rates as our best small business software.

Microsoft 365 includes three major office software applications that you’ll need: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. OneDrive is also available for cloud-based storage as part of a service that is worth having, mainly if you already use another cloud provider, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Keeping the data safe is essential and there is no harm in several backup options. 

Then there are other software applications included in Microsoft 365, such as Outlook, Publisher, and Access.

  • Connecteam

Trusted by more than 8,000 companies, Connecteam offers a full service to manage your workforce securely in one app. From getting hired to correspondence, to time tracking, task distribution, and operating procedures, Connecteam has everything. Employees are more productive, stay updated, and you’re well aware of what’s happening daily with your team.

It has an employee time clock to track working hours with a GPS time stamp, as well as checklists, forms, workflows, procedures, and schedules that can be accessed online.


Internal communication tools include flexible messaging options for private or group chats, in-app employee directory, live polling quick channel notifications, surveys, suggestion box, video sharing, pictures and GIFs, and more.

Develop professional courses for quick employee training and onboarding, add policy options for reading & signing, create a searchable library, perform quizzes, and more.

  • Quickbooks Online

QuickBooks can do everything from tax accounting and payroll, profit analysis, and inventory management, depending on the version you pay for.

Whether you have a startup or a thriving company, QuickBooks Online has a version and price point that fits your requirements.

Quickbooks Online

And whatever version you want, you will have access to the QuickBooks mobile accounting application, where you can generate invoices, log miles, and manage expenditures on the go.

  • Wave

Wave is a completely free accounting software system that allows users access to a cloud-based platform for mobile invoicing and receipts. Understand and manage your income and expenses. Track everything and connect to other items like billing, sales, and invoicing. Everything is programmed in a complete package.

wave app

Wave accounting software is great for startup businesses. It provides paid add-ons for payment and payroll that enable you to expand the app’s features as your business is growing.

  • RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office is a cloud-based phone system created for business services that can be used on several browsers and platforms like Windows PC, Apple iPad, or Android smartphone.

Plans start from 2-10 users, which includes call management and phone system administration and phone rental options for conference phones and office desks.

The higher-priced plans are best for businesses, though, because of the comprehensive set of features that are vital to any modern phone service. 

Ringcentral app

To give the enterprise experience for even startups and small businesses, RingCentral can also provide Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

UCaaS is integrating all the various communications channels on a single unified network. Businesses depended on vast hardware in the past, but developments in digital technology led to touchless solutions such as this.

CCaaS allows companies to start a virtual contact center using cloud software. As with other (SaaS) networks, this has revolutionized business telecom companies, as services previously available only to big enterprises are now available to small businesses as well.

  • PayPal

Who does not know PayPal these days? It’s one of today’s safest and most popular cashless payment solutions. Millions of people and businesses use it worldwide. Their Personal program allows sending and receiving money from friends and family. In their Business program, you get paid directly on your website or app, shop, on the go, by email, or via phone. About 19 million stores accept PayPal, so you need to add this as a payment system on your website or app as well.


For PayPal’s business plan, you can get paid online or in-person, get electronic invoicing, personalized checkout, or on-the-go card reader purchases. You can handle your regular business needs, including monitoring payments.

  • Expensify

Expensify can be very useful in organizing the finances. They can check receipts and monitor workplace expenditures easily and on-the-go, whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone. Additionally, Expensify can work with QuickBooks, Xero, and other small business applications.

Perform one-click receipt scanning to manage expenses efficiently. Users can take a picture of their expenses, and Expensify immediately submits a one-click expense report.


The app also has next-day reimbursement where rapid reimbursements can be issued to an employee’s bank account within 24 hours after the approval of reports, using ACH direct deposit.

Automatic approval workflows allow admins to modify expenditure policies and rules so that Expensify will flag expenses requiring further review.

Automatic accounting sync can also synchronize any changes made to Expensify’s accounting system in real-time. It secures that the company’s finances remain transparent, making audits and tax payment light and easy.

Conclusion: Keep Your Business Alive

In this time, where small businesses need all the help they can get, it is vital to have business tools that can help make jobs easier. Tools such as apps can streamline operations to boost the efficiency and profitability of the business.

Since businesses are also migrating online, you need to make sure your business is secured, and data management is also protected. It is your responsibility to keep your consumer’s trust, and the first thing is to keep their data secure from malware attacks and data breaches. 

As Jack Ma of Alibaba says, “for people in business, 2020 is really just a year for staying alive… If you can stay alive, then you would have made a profit already.” 

So, for small businesses, find every way you can to stay afloat and even thrive amid this crisis. As we wait for the coming of the “new normal,” be ready to adjust and adapt to whatever changes are coming. As for now, it is best to start shifting your operations online, so whatever new normal awaits your business, your business will continue to succeed and be profitable.