Author: Keval Padia

Top 5 Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Roku Express

Roku is regarded as the brand that leads in TV streaming with innovative and easy to use devices. Having received overwhelming popularity with its innovative products the brand continued to evolve and over a span of time came with several different versions of the same TV streaming devices. Continue reading

Everybot: A Robotic Cleaner for Your Smart Lifestyle


Among all types of day to day household tasks that you need to engage with, floor cleaning and mopping may be felt as the most annoying one. For many people it is very boring, hurting to the spine and troublesome when you need to move the furniture pieces to clean the areas underneath. Continue reading

Lumo Run, The First Of Its Kind Running Tracker

Lumo Run

Lumo Run is an innovative wearable device that works as your personal running coach. With a small sensor that can comfortably settle into your jogger suit or short can just help you perfecting your running and help you alleviating risks of injury just by providing valuable feedback through a connected mobile app. Continue reading

Move HR Sweat: A Device With Built-In Heart Rate Sensor And A Voice Coach

Move HR Sweat

Moov HR Sweat is the Moov HR powered sweatband made by focusing on athletes. It is sweat-absorbing, breathable, and quick-drying. Moov’s new HR Sweat is a headband that promises to kickstart your fitness routine with workouts designed specifically around your heart rate. Continue reading

Temi: Not a ‘Robot’, But A Tablet On Wheels

temi robot.jpeg

When we think of a robot or imagine one, we create a picture from some science fiction film like machines that have a face and a personality that is identical to us humans. But anything robotic doesn’t always have to look like that. It’s just an image that we create in our heads. Continue reading

The Top 5 2-in-1 Convertible And Hybrid Laptops Of 2017


We often get confused between buying a laptop and a tablet. But in a situation like this you can look for 2-in-1 Convertible and Hybrid laptops. These kind of laptops come with both a touch screen and a physical keyboard. There are two types of 2-in-1 device: the convertible-hybrid laptop and the detachable-hybrid tablet. Continue reading

Essential Phone: A New Android Phone That Could Take Over Apple’s iPhones

Essential Phone

Essential Phone (PH-1), which is a long awaited and super fascinating phone is finally here. If you are one of those who pre-ordered the phone, then you should be expecting to get your hands on it very soon in the next few days. The Essential Phone PH-1 has a full edge-to-edge display and classy design. Continue reading

Shonin Streamcam: A Wearable That Helps You With Personal Security

Shonin Streamcam

With threats and dangers all around us, 24×7, it is very important to keep ourselves safe. We often try to do this with our smartphones. But our smartphones reach their limit at some point. But that is where Shonin’s Streamcam can come to your rescue. Continue reading