Author: Keval Padia

1byone iPhone 6 Plus Battery Charger Case – A Power Bank that doubles as an iPhone Cover

1byone iPhone 6 Plus Battery Charger Case

With the launch of a new, improved iPhone every year, Apple is dominating the smartphone industry. Each new release boasts of technologically innovative features that are designed to make the end-user experience all the more gratifying. Continue reading

Roomba 980 – iRobot’s New App-Controlled Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Roomba 980

Technology is taking the world by storm, offering people a bunch of innovative services that are designed to make our day-to-day lives delightful and enjoyable. Continue reading

Logitech Create – The First Third Party Keyboard for iPad Pro

Logitech Create Keyboard

With major announcements like the launch of iPhone 6s and 6 Plus, the all new Apple TV and the iPad Pro, Apple’s 2015 September event was a huge success. Continue reading

Google’s New Android Experiments – A New Showcase for Innovative Open Source Projects!

Android Experiments

Having recently become a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google is trying to focus back on its core businesses which includes Android, Google Search, and YouTube. Android Experiments is the latest initiative by the web giant, which is dedicated to encouraging projects built from the operating system, and meant for open source.

Continue reading

Graava Action Camera Automatically Edits Video Footage

Graava Action Camera

Technology has been making headways in every sphere of life, offering a gamut of benefits to people by making their lives easy and exciting. Riding on this wave of technological innovation is Graava; an action camera that has the ability to filter video footage and identify the most interesting and memorable portions. Continue reading

Acer Revo Build – The Upgradeable Mini PC that Rocks!

Acer Revo Build

Acer finally launched the intriguing Acer Revo Build at IFA 2015 which is a fantastic modular mini PC which is upgradeable with stackable blocks. This magnificent PC footprint occupies a footprint of just about 12.5×12.5 centimetres. Continue reading

The New Moto 360 – 2 Incorporates Stylish Design & Excellent Functionality

Moto 360

Advances in the digital world are happening with the blink of an eye. Technological innovations are compelling organizations to launch new and modern gadgets that have the capability to take the world by storm. Continue reading

Oliver NYC Rentals – An App that Makes Renting a House Easy

Oliver NYC Rentals

Moving to a new city is surely exciting. New dreams, a new way of life, new friends – making a new city home is a completely new experience, filled with joy and fun. However, one of the top most concerns of embracing a new city is to find an apartment that one can call home. Continue reading

Butterfleye – The Home Surveillance Camera that you Deserve!

Butterfleye Camera

Smart home monitoring cameras have flooded the market and have brought in new features like Nest’s Dropcam, Flir FX  and the like. Here is a new contender for the home surveillance and security space – Butterfleye. Continue reading

Now Silent Video Chat with your Friends with Livetext Messenger by Yahoo

Livetext Video Messenger

Technological advances have opened up new modes of communication. With people living busy lives, technology is helping them keep in touch with their family and friends across the globe. Continue reading