Author: Keval Padia

Top 5 PHP IDEs for sustainable web development

If you are looking for the best PHP IDE then you have arrived to the best webpage which provides a brief to some of the best PHP IDE’s available right now in the market and of course you are smart enough to make a choice based on your web development requirements and adaptability to the software.

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Now, you can watch ad-free Youtube videos

Youtube Music Key

What is the most annoying part while surfing internet? It’s undoubtedly buffering and loads and loads of ads, whether it is a video or listening online music etc. Google, which acquired the video giant Youtube has come up with a new service for their viewers to get access to ad free music at a paid cost. Continue reading

Is it time yet to accept 3D food printers?

Foodini 3D printer

There are many jokes and memes on the internet about technology inventing such pizzas that you don’t put on weight eating those pizzas, but jokes apart the combination of technology and food has been a research topic of sorts for scientists since ages and they might have a cure too soon. Continue reading

Why E-Ink keyboards will make it big?

E-ink Keyboard

Stress can hit you anytime of the day and while working at the office. Trying to remember those complicated keyboard shortcuts seems like quite a task and that is when morphing E-Ink keyboards were announced. it was a sigh of relief for me and many people like me who just can’t ignore the fact that they hate keyboard shortcuts. Continue reading

Why you should start using Google Keep?

If you think you are the only one unaware about the Google Keep application, then you maybe wrong because Google Keep never got the fanfare it deserved or for that matter any Google product deserves and being passed on as just-another-Google-product. Continue reading

Grid – The Website That Designs Itself

Contemporary Web development is on the verge of a revolution thanks to the stiff competition provided by Mobile app development and every brand today wants to have the best looking website and an app( if it helps their cause). Continue reading

Microsoft launches video messaging app – Skype Qik

It is raining messaging services in the technology world and how could Microsoft be left behind in the race to have a widely used messaging app. As business insiders have accepted that the number of mobile users is increasing which has lead to driving more and more business in terms of organic leads or ads from mobile and in times like these. Continue reading

5 Apps That Revolutionised How We Text

Messaging has always been an integral part of our lives starting from the hand writen letters that shaped our lives to the emails, Facebook messaging and Whatsapp to the recent ephemeral apps like Snapchat where we chat using images and the most recent of them all, Pip where you can send across a message which is the most relevant and saves time. Continue reading