Author: Keval Padia

C.H.I.P – The World’s First $9 Computer is Here for You!


C.H.I.P. is the world’s first $9 computer that is extremely tiny and easy to use. You can work with LibreOffice and save your documents, surf the internet, check email over wifi, play games and use dozens of pre-installed applications and tools. Continue reading

Nexpaq – the Modular Wizard Case for your Smartphone

Nexpaq – the Modular Wizard Case for your Smartphone!

We equate smartphone cases as pure aesthetic devices since they come up in brilliant colors, images and ideas including classy laser etched wood cases and bunny years. But a case with added functionality than security of your phone is something you must have dreamt of. Continue reading

The Light Phone – Back to the Lost Era

The Light Phone

With a very simple but an extremely powerful aim, Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang, created The Light Phone. In order to pave a ‘way for people to find balance with their connectedness’, together they came about this concept of a phone that would be used as little as possible.

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Lily Camera – A drone reinvented

Lily Camera

Imagine being a part of a dazzling scenic beauty, with so much extreme sport in your schedule, and no one to shoot a video of it. What a waste! But hang in there, you do have brilliant option that could solve this issue altogether.

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Fit Men Cook App: Changing lifestyles

Fit Men Cook App

If you love to eat healthy and cook healthy and really want smart and healthy cooking ideas at your fingertips, then the Fit Men Cook app is just the thing you need. Continue reading

Bosch eBike Systems – Changing the way you cycle the world

Bosch eBike

Whether it is for health purposes, or an easier commute or just a way to get around town, electric bikes or eBikes are becoming increasingly popular. Continue reading

Instant Articles by Facebook – A turning point for the media

Instant Articles By Facebook

Having become a primal distribution for the media and creating massive audiences for new media companies, Facebook’s influence as well as ambition as a distributor of news has grown slowly but steadily.

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The Five iPhone 6 Cases that are worth drooling for…

iPhone 6 Cases

Show off your personal style with iPhone 6 cases which are trendy and useful. For girls, if you want to have a case that is cute or a cover that is blatantly cool, it is necessary to know where one can get some unique cases that are worth drooling. Continue reading

Sony Playstation Streaming Service Unleashed with Pay-per-view Pricing!

Sony Playstation Streaming Service

People are increasingly opting to pay for streaming options through sites like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video. Now Sony is launching a streaming service for PlayStation, for games at least!

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Philips Luminous Carpet – Walk light; Walk smart

Philips Luminous Carpet

Partnering with Desso (a global leader in designing and manufacturing carperts), Philips has achieved an entirely new milestone in integrating energy-efficient LEDs into all surfaces including floors now. Continue reading