Author: Keval Padia

EmoSPARK – The Home Console that is Intelligent Enough!


Imagine a life where all you have to do is ask for something to be done and it’s done! EmoSPARK – The Home Console that is Intelligent Enough to actually do this. Continue reading

Clear your old posts & take control of your online reputation

Clear your old posts & take control of your online reputation

In an age when a potential employer reads your resume later and searches your online history first is when the Clear app comes as a blessing. As suggested in title it lets you Clear your old posts & take control of your online reputation. Continue reading

Top 5 Things which can be expected from Apple in WWDC 2015

WWDC 2015

A huge annual get-together for the company’s software partners, the WWDC, or the Worldwide Developers’ Conference, happens to be one of the biggest highlights of Apple’s yearly calendar. Continue reading

LG G4 – The Luxury Leather Smartphone Launched in Style!

lg g4

LG’s latest flagship contender was launched in New York and London, the G4. Featuring a powerful six-core processor, enhanced quad-HD display, and a powerful 16-megapixel camera, the phone is expected to pose tough competition to Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9.

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UberEATS –Food Delivery Service in Ten Minutes!

Now every city boasts of some skylines that define the city. But it is the food that leaves a lasting impression. You will always remember the local food flavors even after you move to some other place.

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5 Ways To Make The Best Use Of Your Apple Watch

In the brief stint of about three months we have written a lot on different types of SmartWatches starting from AppleWatch, Samsung Gear, Moto 360 to the recently launched Vector SmartWatch and now we are back with the Apple Watch as it has finally shipped to the early customers who have been waiting for this masterpiece from Apple Inc.

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Yoga Tablet 2: Finally Lenovo launches a Windows Tablet

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2

When you witness a discussion on any forum or a blog about the best tablets for productivity, which tablets do come to your mind? I am sure iPad is great, so are the windows tablets but what about the Android tablets? Continue reading

ASUS Chromebit : It’s now time to welcome $100 PC’s

Asus Chromebit

They say, Google Chrome is the world’s fastest and one of the best browser and it is almost used in large numbers along with Mozilla Firefox and Safari. The much acclaimed Chrome Operating System is found in laptops, tablets and even old style personal computers. Continue reading

Skype for Business : Because conventional Skype is too mainstream

Skype for Business

I am sure you would agree with me that Skype is an integral part of many industries and you can’t imagine certain core businesses to run as smooth as they are, without proper communication and that too by Skype. Continue reading

Type Snippets : Let the Keyboard do the Talking

TypeSnippets keyboard

Do you ever get bored of texting? Yes, I do get bored of texting sometimes to the extent that I call the person. But again, texting was invented because it was not always possible to call someone or when you didn’t want to talk to the person so a text would come in handy. Continue reading