Author: Keval Padia

24 Option App Review

24 option is a trading app that is used by different traders all over the world. This is mainly due to its ease of use owing to its client friendly interface. This encourages seamless trading without any hitches allowing investors to make the best of its facilities.

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5 Major Reasons Why Your Chatbot Fails to Attract Clients

We’ve read way too many articles about how chatbots are the future of technology and business and what are some ways to take advantage of a chatbot for your business. Chatbot app development helps in making a brand more client-oriented, increases customer loyalty and sales.

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Few Big Announcements from Google’s Pixel Event

Google events don’t usually show the same amount of crazy fanfare like Apple’s events does. But the announcements this year are pretty interesting and for both Google enthusiasts and anybody who likes new shiny gadgets.

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iOS 12 Available For All Its Users: Best New Features

In June 2018, at its keynote event at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced its new operating system, iOS 12. The beta version for developers was made on 17th September. Yesterday, on 25th September, iOS 12 was finally made available for its users on all their iPhones and iPads. With iOS 12, Apple wants to be faster and more responsive than ever. For this, iOS 12 has been made to run on all devices that run iOS 11.

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Top 5 Tools for iOS Developers That Help Them with Crash Reporting

Mobile app crashes are some of the worst things that developers are terrified of. These mobile app crashes can cause major loss of data. This will obviously make any user unhappy. The term crash is neither good for the developers nor for the users. Users find it terribly frustrating.

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How Beacon Technology will Change the Mobile App Scenario!

Beacon technology became popular a few years ago and instantly become one of the most sought-after technologies. Since then, a growing number of retail stores have been using beacon in order to gather and transmit information of all kinds. Beacon helps you collect that information and transmit it, and communicate with your customers in that manner easily through a mobile app.

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How will Blockchain Influence Mobile App Development?

With new demands in the market, the adoption of new technologies has also increased over the years. This is very much required if you want to keep your business in the game. Recently, one such technology is taking over the market and helping people develop their mobile applications and staying ahead in the race. This technology is Blockchain.

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Nimblechapps Ranked as Top B2B Agencies in India for 2018 by Clutch

From mobile app and web development to AR/VR and UI/UX design, Nimblechapps has the skills to exceed our clients’ expectations while providing great service and products that better businesses and experiences. The Nimblechapps team builds creative, successful apps and games that both showcase our experience and the best aspects of our customers and their brands, companies, and messages, and it is this success that has made us one of the very best app developers in Ahmedabad, ranking with the top 100 mobile app creators in the entire country. Here is the link to the Top B2B companies in India press release by Clutch.

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HP Chromebook x2: A Breathtaking Convertible that can Take on iPad Pro

HP Chromebook x2

HP has just launched Chromebook x2 which is a cutting-edge convertible laptop-tablet to take on the iPad Pro. Sporting just a price tag of just $599 it offers a similar package with keyboard and digital pen at a far more affordable price. Continue reading

Odyssey Z: The Ultimate Gaming Laptop from Samsung

Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z

While gaming laptops of all makes are positively extending the market niche, Samsung rather looked less ambitious on this front. Since it released a gaming laptop at CES last year, we haven’t heard about any new developments from the company in all these months. Continue reading