Author: Darshan Patel

Sphero Balls – The Fun Robotic Ball for Geeks and Kids!

Sphero Balls – The Fun Robotic Ball for Geeks and Kids

As many of our games are evolving and advancing right in front of us, we have some more to show. Every toy store panders to the geeks and the kids who are fond of tech toys and their classic avatars. Continue reading

Navdy Heads Up Display: Drive in to the Future

navdy heads up display

Can you imagine how it feels like driving in the future? It was really fun to see cartoons and movies of the late 90’s and early 2000’s that depicted how driving a car in future might be with all those cool gadgets like cars in those James Bond movies. Continue reading

Microsoft adding Biometric Security to Windows 10

Biometric Security in Windows 10

Other companies have pioneered fingerprint based authentication until now and just when we were curious about Security issues, news arrived that Microsoft is taking a much bigger step than this for biometric security in Windows 10. Continue reading

Internet Explorer’s dead : Microsoft make way for Spartan

Death of Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has been under the scanner for quite some time now and now Microsoft has decided to discontinue Internet Explorer and save themselves from being the butt of the rumor. Continue reading

Top 5 Instant Smartphone Printers to ditch your old Printers

LG Pocket Photo Printer

We are back with the Top 5 of the week and this time we feature 5 of the best instant smartphone printers among a long list of instant printers that have launched in the recent times and it has helped a lot in preparing projects and presentations when you can print documents on the go and without any hassle. Continue reading

Samsung Lock Horns With Apple by Acquiring LoopPay

Samsung lock horns with Apple by acquiring LoopPay


As soon as Apple Inc. announced Apple Pay during the launch of the iPhone 6 in September 2014 where Apple shared the details about the payments to be processed by Near Field Communications Continue reading

Microsoft ends 2014 with the launch of “Spartan”

Microsoft Spartan

We’ve all seen and laughed at the memes on how slow the ever iconic Internet Explorer has become in comparison with some of the fastest and light browsers like Google Chrome( It has changed how we surf), Firefox, Safari and more. Continue reading