Author: Darshan Patel

Quirky GE Air Conditioner – The Smart AC with Brilliance

Aros Smart AC

Smart Technology is truly revolutionizing our day-to-day life, making it simpler and more convenient. While Smartwatches and other wearable technology is gaining momentum, new avenues of smart technology like digital home gadgets are soon opening up.

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Moto X : Motorola’s eXciting New Phone

Moto X

The smartphone market is experiencing immense competition day after day. With smartphone biggies like Apple and Samsung leading the industry, launching a new smartphone is challenging. Continue reading

Vervid – the App that Supports Vertical Video!

Vervid App

Watching videos is a pastime for many but it annoying when users turn the phone lengthwise and then try to upload the same on YouTube? Well, you are bound to feel shit.

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Top 5 MOBA Games of 2015


MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is a subgenre of the strategy games played in real time in video gaming arena. The player is supposed to be one of the characters on either side of the battlefield. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 – A Galaxy of New Features

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung recently announced the launch of its stylish, ultra-thin tablet Galaxy Tab S2 which will be available in two screen sizes, 8 inches and 9.7 inches and two colours, white and black. Continue reading

Misfit Flash Link – Fitness Tracker, Sleep Analyzer and a Remote Control Rolled into One!

Misfit Flash Link

The smartphone industry has made life easier for people, enabling them to perform a variety of tasks with the help of contemporary apps. Continue reading

Anki Overdrive – The All New Robotic Battle-Racing Experience

Anki Overdrive

Anki has been dedicated to creating consumer entertainment experiences and bring artificial intelligence and consumer robotics into our lives since it was founded in 2010. Continue reading

Having a Hard Day at Work? Mira Robot can Make you Smile!

Mira Robot

The Advent of Friendly Robots

Technological advances have made humans build robots that can perform various daunting tasks. However, there is an impending need to understand how robots would socially interact with humans in an unstructured, real-world environment. Continue reading

The Top Five Action Camera of 2015

Polaroid Cube

Several action cameras have been doing the rounds and have impressed video enthusiasts with their feature set and capabilities. Here is a list of the top five action cameras of 2015:

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Big Ass Fans – Smart Haiku Ceiling Fans with SenseME Technology!

Big Ass Fans

Keeping up with the new and smart climate control systems is a tough task. Here is one that will surely impress you though.

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