Author: Darshan Patel

Oppo Find X Omits The Notch And Adds A Camera Bar

Oppo Find X

This year, smartphones have by far been the hottest category in consumer gadgets. But smartphones have become really boring now. The iPhone X seemed like a breath of fresh air for the iPhone users considering it was releasing the same design over and over again, but what about the Android users? Continue reading

Google Podcasts: Google’s Own, Standalone Podcast App

Google Podcasts App

Just yesterday, Google introduced a standalone podcast app for Android. This app is simply called Google Podcasts. Apple had owned podcasts since the time of their inception. Android users also had plenty of options in order to listen podcasts. Continue reading

HTC U12 Plus Comes With New Ideas, But Misses The Mark

HTC U12 Plus

HTC U12 Plus sure has got conventional looks, so it looks like any other ordinary phone, but that’s probably the only conventional or ordinary thing about the phone. HTC U12 Plus has a completely new design. There are Pressure Sensitive buttons. Continue reading

Top 5 Companies That Made Exciting Announcements at E3 2018

Top 5 E3 Predictions

E3 2018 has been wrapped up. E3 is definitely the biggest event in the gaming industry, without any doubt. The event was held from June 12 to June 14 in Los Angeles. At this year’s show, we witnessed an assortment of exciting announcements, surprises and revelations across different platforms. Continue reading

Unihertz Atom: The Smallest 4G Rugged Smartphone

Unihertz Atom Smallest Smartphone

We are all in love with the new flagship smartphones in the market that are getting bigger in size, a bit complicated and also very fragile. We love the look of it and sometimes also the way it is useful. But not all those huge smartphones meet all our requirements at times. Continue reading

Sensorwake Trio: Wakes You Up With Smell, Sound And Light

Sensorwake Trio

Sensorwake Trio is a new scent-based alarm clock. It activates three senses: smell, sight and sound. It is also listed in Google’s Top 15 inventions to change the world. It would be such a wonderful thing to be able to wake up to your favourite smells every day. Continue reading

Vivo Nex: An All-screen Smartphone with a Pop-up Selfie Camera

Vivo Nex

The Chinese company Vivo just unveiled its new phone called the Vivo Nex. The phone is said to have ultra-thin bezels and a pop-up front camera, this concept was shown at the recent Mobile World Congress. This is the closest we can get to see a truly bezel-free smartphone. Continue reading

Blackberry Key2 Comes With The Most Intelligent Keyboard Ever

Blackberry Key2

Last week, at an event in New York, Blackberry launched its latest creation the Blackberry Key2, which is a successor to the last year’s Blackberry KeyOne. With the Key2, Blackberry is trying to improve on the KeyOne but also retaining some of the important elements as well. Continue reading

The Top 5 Video Game Predictions From The E3 2018 Event

Top 5 E3 Predictions

Devolver Digital, the independent publisher, is back at E3 2018 to reveal some very interesting games. Along with that there is EA, Microsoft and 343 as well. E3 2018 can be considered to be the biggest event in the gaming industry and it is going on right now in Los Angeles. Continue reading

Sonos Beam: A Soundbar That Brings Together Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant

Sonos Beam

Sonos just announced a new smart speaker called the Sonos Beam. The Sonos Beam is a smart, compact soundbar for your TV. Sonos has always applied a tiered approach to to sound and audio. Continue reading