Author: Dhruvil Pandya

Did you notice these weird products at CES 2015?

CES is an innovative electronics and technology trade show held every year in the first month at Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas. Continue reading

Top 5 productivity apps for your New Year resolution

We are back with the top 5 apps of the week and this time it is time for the apps which are unique yet so handy that they will blow your mind. Continue reading

Opera Coast will enhance your mobile browsing experience

Coast Browser

If 2014 was the year when you saw the world go mobile, well 2015 brings more opportunities for mobile development as more and more people are getting an access to mobile, which means more advertising budgets allotted to mobile campaigns. Continue reading

Top Five Tech Blunders of 2014

There are more than ten major product launches everyday which catches the eye of a common man by virtue of the product itself, the company behind the product, smart marketing of the product or the overall good it does to the human race. Continue reading

Samsung’s ATIV Curved PC is the new black in Technology

Samsung was the first company to venture into curved screen TVs and probably the most successful company to do so, others have tried and failed too. Samsung now comes with a curved screen PC which is an all-in-one desktop. Continue reading