Author: Dhruvil Pandya

Mota SmartRing for people who hate smartwatches

moto smart ring fashion technology

Just when the entire world is after a smartwatch/fitness tracker, there are people who ditched their smart phones to buy the latest smart watch and then ultimately ditched the smart watch ( for various reasons) and got back to their smart phone, never to return to the smart watch. Continue reading

Everything you need to know about Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

In the race to launch the most innovative products every year among major tech giants, Amazon has to be at the top of the list with most innovative products launched by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Continue reading

Microsoft takes a leap of faith with Windows10 – Cortana and HoloLens


For many the title of this article “Microsoft takes a leap of faith with Windows10- Cortana and HoloLens” would mean that we are against Microsoft or we are among those who are not in sync with the technology and brand that Microsoft promotes. Continue reading

Google to launch Wireless Network ‘Nova’ in 2015

Nova wireless network

The Big Daddy of Technology, Google has decided to enter the world of wireless communication. There is nothing that Google has not accomplished in the field of technology. Continue reading

Augmented Reality will take off in 2015

Skin & Bones iOS app

How many of you have visited a historical museum at least once in your life? I bet very few and with the advent of technology and hectic work life things like going to a museum and enjoying a perfect weekend with your family has been exchanged with sleep-like-there’s-no-tomorrow long weekends and catching up with friends on a road trip.

Continue reading

Top 5 Portable Hard-drives you need to know about

LaCie Thunderbolt

We are back with the Top 5 of the week and this time it is time for those portable hard drives. Remember the times when there was no concept of a portable hard drive just because there was no need, maybe. Continue reading

Everything you need to know about Microsoft Windows 10 event

Just like Apple, 2014 was an equally eventful year for Microsoft as well. Announcement of Windows 10, anticipation of a fast and light Web Browser Spartan, know more about Spartan. Continue reading

Withings introduces affordable fitness tracker “Activite Pop”

Withings Activite Pop

Withings launched a high cost fitness tracker Withings Activite in June 2014. And last week at the International CES 2015, Withings introduced an affordable fitness tracker “Activite Pop” to reach a wider audience this time and not repeating the same mistake made by Withings Activite when it was launched six months ago. Continue reading

The Worst Products at International CES 2015

Sony Walkman NW-ZX2

One more year, one more interesting outing for the International CES is over. From talented startups to major tech companies, the International CES 2015 saw some really innovative technologies in the field of wearables, home automation, audio equipments, automobile and many more. Continue reading

The Best Products of International CES 2015

SlingTV Streaming service

Every year, the International CES brings a range of unique devices and this year was no different with technological innovations from wearables to home automation and personal products to self driving cars. Continue reading